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My Old Man Said articles on Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke

christian benteke beast

The Path Ahead for Christian Benteke to Match Diego Costa

Return of the BeastStrikers are a limitless source of fascination for football fans and Aston Villa fans are no different. The roar of approval that...

How Much is an Aston Villa Goal Worth in Premier League TV Cash?

Warning: This is not science! After a scoreless run of three games by Aston Villa, you'd be forgiven for thinking this article is irrelevant to...

Benteke Staying at Aston Villa & eBay Pull Plug on Benteke eBay Listing

Dear eBay - Christian Benteke is not an 'Escort', nor does he 'Offer Services of a Sexual Nature' Benteke eBay Listing Aftermath As some of you...
christian benteke beast

Is Christian Benteke Feeling the On-Pitch Frustration That Darren Bent Felt?

Bent's DemiseDarren Bent is Aston Villa history now, a fleeting 'what if' moment, instead of leaving a legacy that would be fitting of a...

Wish You Were Here: Christian Benteke – Why He’ll Be Back To Stay &...

 It's been an annoying few weeks with the press pulling stories out of their rear ends (and then various Villa blogs/ websites/social media spreading...
christian benteke wins player of the month

Do Liverpool Have a Cheaper Benteke Alternative Lined Up?

There's only one real Christian Benteke story, it's the one where Liverpool either put up £32.5 million (the alleged release clause) for him or...