Wednesday, June 12, 2024


If you want to contribute to My Old Man Said in any of the below ways, don't be shy, please send an email to, with why you'd be a good fit for MOMS and why you want to get involved. UTV


Do you want to express your opinions on the Villa? Do you have a decent football knowledge and can inject personality into your writing? If so, then please do get in touch. Links to your writing are helpful, although not necessary. There's opportunities to write weekly columns, Villa news and more.


Know a bit about design? Decent with photoshop? Can dabble with animation? If so, please do drop MOMS a line with some examples of your work and details of what you're into and like doing design-wise. Other design influences away from football, be it film, fashion, art, music, or counter culture, are most welcome.


Know your football and can offer insight? Do you own a microphone and sense of humour? Do you think you'd be a good fit or could offer something fresh to the My Old Man Said podcast team? If so, then feel free to drop MOMS a line about getting involved.

Supporter Issues

If you have a passing interest in supporter issues and want to get more involved - be it to get more informed, attend meetings and write and talk about supporter issues, please do drop MOMS a line. UTV