Friday, May 24, 2024
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Hard Truths and Context of Aston Villa’s Recent Failure to Take Opportunities

MOMS looks at the reality of Aston Villa at this moment in time.As the fixtures get harder, Aston Villa continue to shirk opportunities to...
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FIFA 21 — What is it doing to Modern Football Fans?

By Phil ShawWith FIFA 21 released in the past week, My Old Man Said podcast contributor Phil Shaw looks at his relationship to the...
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Aston Villa Supporters Are Looking in the Wrong Place for Miracles

By Phillip Shaw 'You just have to ask yourself the question. Do I need this in my life?' It goes without saying that Villa fans are hurting....
Aston Villa fans waiting outside of Wembley 2018

‘Steve Bruce Has Failed’ – Pessimism or Reality?

By Sam Lovell Could Have, Should Have... What now then?Being a big club does not mean you should get promoted, having the largest average attendance in the...
aston villa holte end asset of community value

Aston Villa’s Flawed and Wasteful Championship Strategy Analysed

'Villa’s board have attempted to buy a team rather than build a team'. Difference In the build up to the playoff final, former Hull City and...
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Will Looking Back With Anger at Steve Bruce Prove Pointless?

By Robert Smith Falling Short So Villa failed to go up...It was always a possibility, evident from the early part of the season, when we only...