As the Cult of Benteke Grows – a New ‘Benteke Facts’ Top 10

New ‘Benteke Facts’ Top 10

After playing for 19 minutes and scoring on his debut, the ‘Benteke Facts’ phenomena was already trending on Twitter. We published a top 10 then, and now with Benteke leading the Villa front-line and going from strength to strength, it’s time to publish the latest ‘Benteke Facts’ Top 10 (in no particular order):

1. Christian Benteke plays James Bond in the Belgian version.

2. Benteke’s urine is used to created Monster Energy drinks.

3. Benteke uses Chris Smalling (of Manchester United) as a toothpick

4. Benteke’s copy of the first Oasis album is just called “Definitely” there is no “Maybe” in is world.

5. Yoda was Benteke’s Padawan

6. Benteke doesn’t wear a watch, he decides what time it is.

7. Benteke can slam a revolving door

8.  Benteke doesn’t flush the toilet, he scares the s**t out of it!

9. Benteke is already 10th prestige on Black Ops 2, no hack

10. Benteke is still a growing lad. On his 22nd Birthday this Monday (Dec 3rd), he will be over seven-foot tall.

Please feel free to add your own Benteke Facts in the comments below or check out #bentekefacts or even the dedicated twitter page.

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