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My Old Man Said articles on Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke

christian benteke beast

The New Christian Benteke Song Lyrics – The Lions Sleeps Tonight

The Benteke Sleeps TonightUnless you've failed to go online since the weekend, you would have come across a new Christian Benteke song (based on...
christian benteke beast

The Path Ahead for Christian Benteke to Match Diego Costa

Return of the BeastStrikers are a limitless source of fascination for football fans and Aston Villa fans are no different. The roar of approval that...
jonathan benteke aston villa

The First Summer Signing Aston Villa Should Make?

 A stunt signing worth a punt?  It's been all quite on the transfer rumour front in recent weeks in terms of Aston Villa. Since MOMS...
sunderland vs aston villa 2014

Christian Benteke Alternatives for Lambert to Refire Villa’s Attack

With the heartbreaking news that Christian Benteke will be on the sidelines for up to eight months, you can’t help but feel sorry for...
aston villa tough

The Pros and Cons of the Christian Benteke Injury to Aston Villa

 The pros and cons of the Christian Benteke injury  When the Christian Benteke injury news broke, at first it felt like a belated April's Fools....

The Weird Way the Christian Benteke Injury News Broke

 Christian Benteke Injury News Limbo  It must have been a weird position to be in for a journalist attending the pre-match press conference for the...