The Benteke Sleeps Tonight

Unless you’ve failed to go online since the weekend, you would have come across a new Christian Benteke song (based on The Lion Sleeps Tonight) that sprung into the Aston Villa universe and became a You Tube hit with Villans.

Performed on a train (while moving) by Villa supporter Alex Davis, the song has already surpassed over 100,000 views/listens on the original upload (and millions else where too). The big man himself even gave the song the thumbs up via Twitter too.

Villa fan Alex put in his virtuoso performance of the song while travelling for the Burnley away game (see video below, if you haven’t seen it yet). His effort was uploaded to You Tube by one of MOMS original contributors Kerry Lenihan and the rest is history.

Hopefully we’ll see the song catch on tonight at Palace and also at Villa Park on Sunday, as the best known Benteke chant based on the White Stripes song isn’t exactly an original football song. Players like Robin Van Persie were serenaded with the chant long before Benteke was, so it’s good that he’s got an original one now.

 New Christian Benteke Song Lyrics

[To the tune of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’]


There was a striker, a Belgian striker called Christian Ben-tek-e.

There was a striker, a Belgian striker called Christian Ben-tek-e.

Two, three, four… [Maybe ‘A-V-F-C’ would be a good alternative?]

A Ben-teke, a Ben-tek-e, a Ben-teke, a Ben-tek-e’




The Original Video of ‘The Benteke Sleeps Tonight’




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  1. Heard a decent new one for Okore on the way into Palace on Tues, went to the theme of Jesus Christ Superstar and something like this…

    Oookorrraaaar Superstar
    Sent Down From Heaven After Paul McGrath


    Not bad, recall their being one for Mark Bosnich to the same tune

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