Villa fans settle on White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’ Christian Benteke Song

Christian Benteke Song

The search for the definitive Benteke song…

When Christian Benteke scored minutes into his Aston Villa debut, when he came on as a sub in the 2-0 home win against Swansea, Villa fans were caught a little flat-footed in how to honour their new striker. A few chants of ‘He scores when he wants, Christian Benteke, he scores when he wants’, trickled out of the Holte End. It was obvious he needed his own tune, not a token gesture. There needed to be a Christian Benteke song.

A MOMS follower on twitter came up with a good suggestion to the tune of the hymn ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ – perfect perhaps for Sunday matches!


‘Onward Christian Benteke, marches on to war, leads us into battle, where he’s bound to score!’


For those of you who don’t go to church or never sang hymns at school assembly:



After Benteke fluffed his lines away at Spurs and Fulham, missing simple chances, certain impatient Villa fans started to question Lambert’s most expensive buy of the summer transfer window. The chant of ‘Are you Heskey in disguise?’ was being cued up to be used. But after Benteke scored in two international games for the ever impressive Belgium team, suggesting Benteke had just been finding his range for Villa,  Benteke struck big time in the League Cup.


Winner of the Bentekevision Song Contest…

His brace  against Swindon Town, including a dramatic last-minute winner,  prompted Villa away fans to serenade Benteke with a song inspired by the rhythm of the White Stripes mighty ‘Seven Nation Army’.


‘Oooooooohhhhh Christian Benteke, oooooooohhhh Christian Benteke’



It sounds like it needs a little bit more practice  to get every one in sync, so if Benteke could score in the next couple of games, that would be a big help. Imagine the whole Holte End rumbling to it, when it’s sang in unison. It’ll be a sure-fire classic.

UPDATE – Check out ‘Ohhhhhh Christian Benteke’ at the Norwich City Cup game HERE

White Stripes – who? You only need to listen to the first seconds of the bass line in this to get the gist:



Of course,the Benteke song  is a simplistic ditty and kind of the similar to the song that the fans of his previous club KRC Genk used to sing (see below), but of course with a lot more Villa style and class.



Onward Christian Benteke and UTV.


PS – Thanks to ‘Get The Holte End Back where we first spotted the Benteke song video.


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  1. MyOldManSaid SmallHeathenBigVillan Maybe, maybe.  Andy Gray had more than one song, it scans, everyone knows it, it sounds like a party and the celebration works with it – while we’re at it why has the word order in Holte -enders in the sky been changed so that it no longer rhymes?

  2. SmallHeathenBigVillan The Benteke song/chant is set in stone now and works well. I like the idea of all the fans doing his celebration when he scores though.

  3. Sorry but this song is a dirge.  Use the Iko, iko song
    Christian Benteke,
    him not a man him a scorin machine, Christian Benteke,
    Talkin bout Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian Benteke
    him not a man him a scorin machine, Christian Benteke,
    Just to make it onto TV screens around the world we should all do the fingers in the air celebration in time with it.

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