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My Old Man Said articles on Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke

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A Belgium Viewpoint that Christian Benteke Might Not Be All That…

 How good is Christian Benteke? With a goal on his debut as a substitute, it's so far, so good, for Villa fans, but back...

Villa fans settle on White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’ Christian Benteke Song

Christian Benteke SongThe search for the definitive Benteke song... When Christian Benteke scored minutes into his Aston Villa debut, when he came on as a...
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How Teenage Villa Supporters Showed up the Press Over Benteke

 How Villa Supporters Trump the National Press Over Benteke As soon as Christian Benteke had handed his transfer request in, to Villa supporters' dismay,...

If the Benteke Transfer Happens, the Potential Players to Replace Him.

 Benteke Transfer Musings - The Players to Fill Benteke's Boots?  Paul Lambert has been a very busy man since Aston Villa's season ended away at...
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Christian Benteke Being Sold On Ebay to Ensure £25 Million Reserve

Aston Villa Find a Way to Spell Out to Spurs, it's £25 Million for Benteke We've known for a while that a figure of £25...
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The Path Ahead for Christian Benteke to Match Diego Costa

Return of the BeastStrikers are a limitless source of fascination for football fans and Aston Villa fans are no different. The roar of approval that...