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My Old Man Said articles on Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke

If the Benteke Transfer Happens, the Potential Players to Replace Him.

 Benteke Transfer Musings - The Players to Fill Benteke's Boots?  Paul Lambert has been a very busy man since Aston Villa's season ended away at...
Christian Benteke Wembley goal

Christian Benteke Being Sold On Ebay to Ensure £25 Million Reserve

Aston Villa Find a Way to Spell Out to Spurs, it's £25 Million for Benteke We've known for a while that a figure of £25...
christian benteke beast

The Path Ahead for Christian Benteke to Match Diego Costa

Return of the BeastStrikers are a limitless source of fascination for football fans and Aston Villa fans are no different. The roar of approval that...
aston villa tough

Is Christian Benteke to Blame for His Poor Form?

What's up with Christian Benteke?  Once upon a time...well, last season, Christian Benteke was immortal. He carried the Villa team and supporters on his own...
sunderland vs aston villa 2014

Christian Benteke Alternatives for Lambert to Refire Villa’s Attack

With the heartbreaking news that Christian Benteke will be on the sidelines for up to eight months, you can’t help but feel sorry for...

Benteke Staying at Aston Villa & eBay Pull Plug on Benteke eBay Listing

Dear eBay - Christian Benteke is not an 'Escort', nor does he 'Offer Services of a Sexual Nature' Benteke eBay Listing Aftermath As some of you...