Christian Benteke Being Sold On Ebay to Ensure £25 Million Reserve

Aston Villa Find a Way to Spell Out to Spurs, it’s £25 Million for Benteke

We’ve known for a while that a figure of £25 Million would get you to first base in terms of seeking the purchase of Christian Benteke. It seems though from recent newspaper reports of ‘tentative proposals’ and ‘an offer to test the water’ of figures such as £18 million and £20 million, that some clubs seem to be a bit slow on the uptake.

Just to make the £25 million message clearer to certain chairman (especially ones that would pay £100,000-a-week to Emmanuel Adebayor), you can now buy Christian Benteke through ebay, which has a £25 million reserve.

If you don’t make the reserve, you don’t get to buy the player. Simple.

For a fuller Benteke ebay description, see the below.


UPDATE – What happened to Christian Benteke eBay listing

 Christian Benteke eBay Listing

Christian Benteke Ebay Listing

Benteke ebay 2 spurs

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  1. I tried to go and make a bid, wanted someone to wash my car if they are doing nothing else. I cannot find him anywhere. I am right in presuming he is not under “collectables”

  2. i lool at this but you should have put the starting price to £25 million that way the spud-heads may get the amount of money actually needed to get him 
    not a random figure they will pluck out of the air at any given time

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