Benteke Staying at Aston Villa & eBay Pull Plug on Benteke eBay Listing

Dear eBay – Christian Benteke is not an ‘Escort’, nor does he ‘Offer Services of a Sexual Nature’

Benteke eBay Listing Aftermath

As some of you are already aware MOMS put Christian Benteke on ebay to make a point to clubs seeking his services and to the media, who continually sensationalised the situation, writing stories about  Spurs’ supposed tentative approaches of £18 million…£20 million, or whatever figure the press plucked out the air on the day. Aston Villa had set a price of £25 million weeks ago. What our Benteke eBay initiative was simply saying, was, ‘Put-up or Shut-up’.

It started well, after 74 bids, the amount was up to £1,501,000.Over 30,000 people had viewed the post. People had experienced what it was like to bid million on eBay for the first time, even younger Villa fans had got their parents to put big bids on. As well as the sentiment and message behind the Benteke eBay post, it was fun too. The bidder questions that came through certainly were very entertaining (we will publish them at a later date, as they’re a must read).

While various press picked it up in the UK, the football press in Italy seemed to embrace the Benteke eBay listing the most, although, some Italian writers actually thought clubs were really bidding on Benteke using ebay!

Apparently, after two days, with the bidding at £1,500,000 it was clear that not even on eBay was £25 million going to be bid for the services of Christian Benteke.

eBay, despite the potential prospect of earning thousands in fees and free promotion, pulled the plug on the ad, after a couple of days. But why? This was their message:

benteke ebay removed

It seems to make out that we were pimping out Benteke, as from the above, the reason they took the ad down, seems to be due from the following:

‘eBay doesn’t allow the listing of or sale of, or offers of, services that are illegal, sexual in nature, or that violate eBay’s User Agreement. For example, listings for escort services, online relationships, or other personal relationships are not allowed’.

Does Benteke have a criminal record for such activity, that we were clearly unaware of?

In terms of comedy, this is the gift that keeps giving. With that in mind, we will pursue this further with eBay. To get such a message from eBay, there is the possibility some mean-spirited Villa supporter (like the nine that tried to get the ‘One Stan Petrov’ banner banned, reported this item to eBay as an ‘illegal activity’. Maybe even the club reported it?

We will get to the bottom of this, as we were really looking forward to using the millions of Nectar points we were going to earn to treat all MOMS  followers. Nevermind, at least the Beast is now staying. UTV

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