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My Old Man Said articles on Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke

benteke belgium international duty

Why Belgium Taking Christian Benteke Away is Good News

Benteke Return Date? Injured for Villa but on International Duty for Belgium  When word got out at the time of Christian Benteke's injury that Belgium...
christian benteke injury

Christian Benteke Injury Might See Him Miss Only Two Games

Benteke return from injury may be much sooner than expected  After Villa fans got over the initial shock that Christian Benteke actually feels pain, the...
Christian Benteke Wembley goal

Christian Benteke Being Sold On Ebay to Ensure £25 Million Reserve

Aston Villa Find a Way to Spell Out to Spurs, it's £25 Million for Benteke We've known for a while that a figure of £25...
aston villa world cup player

If Benteke can Dance in Zagreb, he can Play at Villa Park

A dancing Christian Benteke looks good for imminent Villa Park return  There's an old Croatian saying that dates back to the day of Bosko Balaban....

How Much is an Aston Villa Goal Worth in Premier League TV Cash?

Warning: This is not science! After a scoreless run of three games by Aston Villa, you'd be forgiven for thinking this article is irrelevant to...

Benteke Facts – The Top 10 of the New Christian Benteke Phenomena

BENTEKE FACTS TOP 10 By Kerry LenihanVilla supporters have a good instinct for a potential hero. It didn't matter that Ron Vlaar was shipping three...