Why Christian Benteke is the Most Important Striker in the Premiership

This season it wouldn’t have escaped you that the number one joke aimed at Spurs is they are a one-man team in the shape of one Gareth Bale. Until Liverpool hammered Newcastle 6-0, the same could have been said about them and Luis Suarez.  The recent table produced by the BBC though, show that such a label applies to Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke, more so than any other player.

Benteke has scored 41.67% of Villa’s goals, earning along the way 38.24% of Villa’s points haul for the season so far. No player, whether it be Bale, Suarez or even Van Persie, gets close in makingp as big a percentage contribution to their team’s cause.


When it comes to dishing out the Player’s Young Player of the Year, Christian Benteke should really be a shoe-in, as at the moment his contribution to his team is the biggest of any player, if he proves to be the difference to Villa staying in the division. If actual fact, Benteke would have already earned in advance, any improved contract he’ll receive next season, if Villa stay up, simply due to the economic benefits that the improved television deal will bring Aston Villa next season.

As we see below, so far, Villa would probably be relegated by now without Benteke due to him contributing 13 points to Villa’s total (according to the BBC’s calculations).


Still, with just a few games to go, Villa’s number 20’s most important goals though, may still be to come. UTV

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