Part Two of Benteke Proves He Can Score Point-Blank Range Headers! (With Video)

Benteke slowly perfecting the bullet header

Benteke’s International Glory


Well, talk about learning from your mistakes. Since Christian Benteke missed a point-blank range header against Spurs , the Villa striker has since buried one in each of his two international games for Belgium. After his goal against Serbia last week, Benteke rose again against Scotland to open the scoring and help secure another win for Belgium’s ever impressive ‘Golden Generation’.


(New extended highlights – Benteke hits the bar on 2.40 and scores on the 4.50 mark)



After some  nay-sayers already started to compare Benteke’s shooting prowess to Emile Heskey, after only a  couple of misses in the Spurs game (some fans deserve players to flop for Villa, if that’s all the chance they give them), Benteke has shown there’s more chance of him winning the Golden Boot at the next World Cup in Rio with the Belgium team, than quietly fading away at Villa after scoring on his Villa Park debut.

When Lambert’s Villa plan clicks into place, Benteke will no doubt be a key piece of the jigsaw, but like Bent, he just needs the pieces next to him to fully compliment him to be a real threat. UTV.


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  1. Spot on about the Kenwyne Jones comparison. Benteke has already shown for Belgium, even now at 21, he’s got what it takes on the big stage. If Belgium kick on with the talent they have and Benteke grabs a goal or two in Rio, the vultures will come for him.

  2. He is a rough diamond at the moment, but will improve. Fans expecting a 7m 21 year old to be the finished article are living in cloud cuckoo land. Has Benteke really looked worse than Andy Carroll did in a Liverpool shirt last season? No! Carroll came good, and so will Benteke given time and support. 
    Remember – we were being linked with Kenwyne Jones. I’m much happier with spending 7m on Benteke than a similar amount on Jones.

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