Brigada 1874 Invitation to Help Villa Park FA Cup Atmosphere

Brigada 1874

The Brigada 1874 of L8 of the Holte End have been an asset in generating atmosphere in the Lower Holte and also for their Villa banner displays. They are the seed for the imagination of what the Holte could be like to impress the footballing world. Imagine bigger displays and more frequent singing during games.

Lambert’s already spoken about a wish to make the Holte End like the Yellow Wall, and the Brigada 1874 certainly offer the first steps to that from a visual point of view.

[ Read what Lambert had to say about Holte End potential here ]

The club have tried to curtail the Brigada’s efforts to expand without really understanding the potential that their nurture could bring to home match day atmospheres. The club is often blinded by their impulse to control everything that happens in the stadium and often forget that it’s the supporters who give a stadium its identity with their passion and endeavour.

Get Involved

For those Villans who want to get involved in displays and having more fun supporting Villa on match days at Villa Park, the forthcoming FA Cup home game provides you with a chance to join in with the Brigada 1874 at the match and get involved. They plan to bring as many of their flags and banners to really boost the atmosphere against Blackpool. See the message below from them.

They’re a good bunch of lads. Even if you go on your own, just find them as detailed below and just mention MOMS sent you, if you need an icebreaker and warm welcome. The more the merrier!


Brigada 1874’s FA Cup Blackpool Game Message

ron vlaar shirt banner


For the game against Blackpool* the group will be moving to L7. This gives the group an opportunity to be together in one block in the ground as opposed to being scattered over L8 as we currently are.

It also gives us an opportunity to have more space for others to come and join the section and get involved.

We did this for Leyton Orient and it worked really well, creating a decent atmosphere at what would otherwise have been a very quiet game.

We’ll be on the left hand side of L7 in rows CC – GG.

Everyone who wants to get behind the team is very welcome.



* For the Blackpool game tickets for L7 in the Holte End are £15 adult or £8  U-18’s


For more info on Brigada 1874 check out their forum


  1. I’ll be nearby and joining in the singing inbetween cheering the goals!!!
    On a possibly more embarrasing note I have just read an article suggesting Bournmouth may be resting some key players, read a section of the article below;

    “Eddie Howe was quite precise in saying that he would like to see some other guys play against Aston Villa in the FA Cup from the regular starting eleven. That does indicate to me that he will make more than just one or two changes now having seen what happened at Leeds. I have a feeling it could be up to eight or nine.

    Giving Aston Villa a problem though is less of a priority than getting everything right for the next league match against Watford. There were signs though that some players really need a chance to recharge the batteries and perhaps Matt Ritchie, Andrew Surman and Harry Arter will be among those who are given some time off, while Eddie brings in the energy of Ryan Fraser, Dan Gosling and Eunan O’Kane.”

    Can you imagin what the press will do with this if they beat us!

  2. Nice comments Kamil, unfortunately the club do not view us as much as an asset as other fans do.
    Thanks to all those who migrated to L7 today to help make the atmosphere better than normal. As they say, every ltlle helps !

  3. wish they were placed in the centre of the holte rather than squeezed in the corner, the club shud subsidise their tickets and reserve the middle for them, theat would make the atmosphere so much better. The guys deserve it!

  4. It really isn’t that difficult to sing and watch the match. In the latest surveys of around 3000 villa fans, 97% wanted a better atmosphere yet on the whole VP consists of approx 30 people singing for 90 minutes, and the rest of the Holte/ground singing 4 times for about 10 seconds.
    Atmosphere is not that difficult to generate if people can be bothered. We are all pretty well aware of the generally dire performances we are having to out up with. Just get behind the team !

  5. I have no prior affliation with Brigada, though I have always admired their brilliant dedication to the Villa cause. That said, how anyone on this forum can mock their passionate support absolutely baffles me. It’s totally disrespectful and counterproductive. If anything their efforts towards lifting the turgid atmosphere that has plagued Villa Park of late should be commended. Keep up the good work chaps!

  6. We’ve never spelt anything wrong pal and we don’t buy banners we make them, you should probably check your facts before getting cheeky at your keyboard.

    • ‘Buy’ a new banner? Do they sell them in the club shop?
      Pretty sure it’s made, like all their displays. Never understand other fans knocking people making an effort? You support the same team don’t you?

  7. HA HA HA the lower Holte back to life!!!??? Its never had any life, I think it was stillborn. Forget your banners and your flags, its simple… JUST GET OFF YOUR ARSES AND SING, SING, SING VTID Upper Holte the real heart of the Holte 😀 😀

  8. Fantastic to see fans taking responsibility and planting the seeds to bring the lower Holte End back to life, it’s great to see and very important for the team.

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