Help the Brigada 1874 Pump Up the FA Cup Volume Against the Baggies

Well, it’s been a sweet run of home draws in the FA Cup and the last one on the road to Wembley offers up the biggest derby against West Brom in recent memory.  It’s also the perfect last home hoorah in the cup for the Brigada 1874 Villa supporters who have been great so far in bringing life to the Lower Holte during the cup run.

While supporters understandably love a good away day in the cups, our fortunate run of home draws, as well as helping the team progress through the rounds, has also allowed fans to join in with the Brigada 1874 in the Lower Holte. The block of fans giving it their all has encouragingly grown in every round.

It was heartening to hear positive remarks from the club at the recent AVST meeting with Tom Fox and other head Villa staff about the efforts of the Brigada 1874, especially during cup matches. Trying to find them a designated area will hopefully become a serious conversation and a potential transitional bridge to a safe standing area.

It was to be said the Holte End as a whole was in fine form during the last round against Leicester.The atmos should certainly go up a few more notches at 5.30pm on Saturday. Personally, I was in K4 for the Foxes game, which was in fine voice. It was also the first section to sell out for the Baggies cup game. This round though MOMS will be heading to L7 to join the Brigada boys for some fun.

If you haven’t brought a ticket yet and haven’t got a favourite section to go to, head to L7 as there’s the odd single ticket left (see below).

Lets give it some welly and get the team to Wembley!


brigada 1874 badge
Brigada 1874 FA CUP 6th Rd Invitation

As with the previous FA Cup games against Blackpool, Bournemouth and Leicester in the FA Cup, Brigada 1874 will be in L7 of the Holte End for the FA Cup 6th round match against West Brom.

While a bit more difficult to buy a block of tickets due to the demand of the derby game in the Holte, it yet again gives the group a chance to stand together as a block and also for other supporters to come over and get involved. It was great to see an ever increasing number of fans come and join us for the previous rounds and create a solid atmosphere throughout.

There are a few single tickets littered around L7 of the Holte for anybody who still wants to join in. We’re on the left side towards the front of L7, around rows F – H, seats 200 – 210.

L7 Holte End Brigada 1874
Tickets left in L7 as of 13.00 Monday 2nd March

As with previous matches in the FA Cup run we’ll have a display planned for the game and hope to have the section making a racket throughout the game.

It’s great to see how these sections have grown throughout the cup run and it’s a really positive indication of what influence a permanent group section would have at games. It also makes going to the game more much more enjoyable regardless of what is happening on the pitch.

Next season we hope to have a permanent section of the size we’ve seen at the FA Cup games, this would lead to a massive improvement in the atmosphere at Villa Park and give the group the platform from which to grow and plan larger displays in the Holte End.


– Brigada 1874

For the West Brom FA CUp game tickets for L7 in the Holte End are £25 adult or £15 U-18’s

Main picture: The Brigada 1874 and friends at the Bournemouth game.

For more info on Brigada 1874 check out their forum


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