Join Brigada 1874 to Help Create a Villa Park Atmosphere to Pop the Cherries

Join Brigada 1874 Against Cherries

There was only two highlights of the 3rd FA Cup game against Blackpool. Christian Benteke’s epic finish and efforts of the group of Villa fans in L7 of the Holte that kept spirits up throughout the 90 minutes. From the sounds of it, those supporters who joined the Brigada 1874 in L7 for the game, had a good time and have been contacting MOMS eager to know, if it’ll happen again.

The good news is, in the immortal words of the Villa boss, ‘We go again’.

Below is the Brigada 1874 invitation to join them at what should be a good game, as Bournemouth are an explosive attacking force (they put eight past the Blues at St Andrews) and top the Championship. If you have a flag or a Villa banner bring it along, and if you need an introduction or are going on your own, just mention MOMS for an icebreaker. As we said before, they’re a good bunch of lads and the more the merrier!

[History of the Brigada 1874 written by them for MOMS in 2012]


Brigada 1874 FA CUP 4th Rd Invitation

brigada 1874 badge

As with the Leyton Orient game in the League Cup and the game against Blackpool in the FA Cup, Brigada 1874 will be moving to L7 for the FA Cup 4th round match against Bournemouth.

This gives the group a chance to stand together as a block and also for other supporters to come over and get involved. Thanks to those who joined us against Blackpool in the 3rd round.

In the last match in L7 against Blackpool, we had a block of 40-50 people who sang for 90 minutes and didn’t waver in their support of the team; this had a good impact on what was otherwise a pretty turgid atmosphere.

These matches give us a good example of how the group can grow given our own section in the ground and it’s good to see other fans wanting to get involved and throw their full backing behind the team. it also makes going to the game more much more enjoyable regardless of what is happening on the pitch.

Anyone wanting to move to L7 please book tickets on rows EE backwards on the left side of the block.

Brigada 1874


* For the Bournemouth game tickets for L7 in the Holte End are £15 adult or £10 U-18’s

•• Main picture of the Brigada 1874 and friends at the Blackpool game.

For more info on Brigada 1874 check out their forum


  1. You both miss the point – something radical has to happen to force any sort of change with Lerner and his mute chief executive Tom Fox. How do you think this will pan out if we all accepted the worst the way you guys do. Lerner must think just sit tight these idiots will accept anything.

    Paul Lambert will have to leave as things have gone too far now and as our fight is with him and not the team so this has to happen as quickly as possible, you are just in denial taking this weak minded position.

    Lambert has created a whole era of” worsts” in our history and is clearly out of his depth at a club of this stature.

    God help us if everyone thought like you – tough love over the next few weeks

    • I hope you’re not calling us idiots? 😉 We’ve just helped fire off a media arsenal to wake Lerner up to his responsibility. UTV

    • Your comment makes no sense at all. You’ve written “our fight is with him and not the team” then called us
      ‘Idiots’ for supporting the team???
      Did you enjoy your 8 mins in the concourse at Liverpool? Is that the ‘radical’ action you talk of Steve? I bet you spent the other 82mins sitting on your hands grumbling under your breath? Perhaps even managed a Lambert out chant??
      God help us if everyone thought like (and wrote such garbage) as you.

  2. This is more like it! Forget negative bollocks the team will play better if we create a good atmosphere. That is our role as supporters.

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