Join Brigada 1874 to Help Create Proper FA Cup Atmosphere Against Foxes

Join Brigada 1874 Against the Foxes

So far, so good with the Holte End L7 support and displays from Brigada 1874 and friends. For those supporters who have joined in, it’s been the highlight of the FA Cup run so far and long may it continue.

With the Bournemouth game showing an increase on the Blackpool game, as an ex-boss used to say, ‘We go again!’

Below is the Brigada 1874 invitation to join them at what is the first post-Lambert game. it should be a proper Cup battle, and without a manager the club will need the 12th man more than ever.

If you have a flag or a Villa banner make sure you bring it along, and if you need an introduction or are going on your own, just mention MOMS for an icebreaker. As we said before, they’re a good bunch of lads and the more the merrier. Lets get into the FA Cup quarter-finals! UTV

[History of the Brigada 1874 written by them for MOMS in 2012]



brigada 1874 badge

Brigada 1874 FA CUP 5th Rd Invitation

As with the Leyton Orient game in the League Cup and the games against Blackpool and Bournemouth in the FA Cup, Brigada 1874 will be in L7 of the Holte End for the FA Cup 5th round match against Leicester City.

This gives the group a chance to stand together as a block and also for other supporters to come over and get involved. It was good to see lots of fans come and join us for the 4th round tie against Bournemouth where section numbers increased from the Blackpool game with the block comprising around 60-70 fans creating a solid atmosphere throughout.

Seven FA Cup two-sticks were held aloft (see above pick) in the section at the start of the game, each one representing the clubs triumphs in the competition. The set up will be much the same for Leicester and we’d urge anyone who wants to get involved to get tickets as soon as they can as ticket sales are starting to pick up.

These matches give us a good example of how the group can grow given our own section in the ground and it’s good to see other fans wanting to get involved and throw their full backing behind the team. It also makes going to the game more much more enjoyable regardless of what is happening on the pitch.

Next season we hope to have a permanent section of the size we’ve seen at the FA Cup games, this would lead to a massive improvement in the atmosphere at Villa Park and give the group the platform from which to grow and plan larger displays in the Holte End.


– Brigada 1874

For the Leicester FA CUp game tickets for L7 in the Holte End are £15 adult or £10 U-18’s

Main picture: The Brigada 1874 and friends at the Bournemouth game.

For more info on Brigada 1874 check out their forum


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