Villa on Tour – From the Riverside’s Disco Lights to an Impressive Three Points

Villa on Tour

After two back-to-back home games after the international break, Villa got to mirror their impressive 3-0 win at Derby by beating Tony Pulis’s Middlesbrough by the same score.

The trip to the Riverside against one of the division’s better teams was meant to be a tough test, but Villa took care of business in a clinical and controlled fashion.

Max Stokes and the Villa on Tour lads were there once again to capture the madness and glory.

The boys are certainly starting to find their Villa away days becoming a lot more enjoyable, as the goals and points tallies start to rattle up.

Below is the video of Villa on Tour’s trip to Riverside Stadium, followed by Max’s review of the game and impressions of Boro’s ground.

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Villa Away Day at Middlesbrough Video


Date: 10th November 2018

Score: Middlesbrough 0 Aston Villa 3 (Chester, Abraham, Whelan)

Ground: Pride Park

Attendance: 23,424

Away Review of Middlesbrough

By Max Stokes (Villa on Tour)

Away Atmosphere – 7/10

After the good recent run of form, I was expecting a good atmosphere among the fans heading into this one. The classic away day chant of “Allez Allez Allez” seemed to be going for the whole game, as well as in the concourse before the game.

A new song about Elmo was created as well, which I’m sure we’ll hear more of in the coming weeks. The atmosphere was turned a notch when we got a couple of goals down our end of the pitch. Especially for Whelan’s ‘thunderbolt’, when I managed to end up in a different block after that one!

Away End facilities – 8/10

I found the Riverside was a fairly modern ground with impressive facilities. The massive concourse made it easy to get a good atmosphere going and there was also a lot of food and drink options. In the ground itself, it was a good setup. Much like Derby County, the away end is in one corner of the stadium. Fair play Middlesbrough for giving a tall lad like myself a decent bit of leg room too. Always a bonus.

(If you went to the Riverside fill in the FSF survey about your own experience)

Home Fans Atmosphere – 3/10

For a team that’s knocking on the door of automatic promotion, Middlesbrough’s home support was quite frankly awful. Whether that’s down to the poor style of football, I’m not too sure. They also had a drum, which is never a good sign in my opinion. I feel it basically compensates for a poor atmosphere. No worries though as the Villa boys made all the noise as usual.

They also had some sort of pre-game disco light show, which is something I’ve never seen before. Maybe it might be worth bringing some glow sticks if Villa visit them next season.

Empty Seats My Lord?

Yes, plenty. Compared to the play-offs semis last season, the number of empty seats this time had significantly increased. There was a massive gap of around 1,000 empty seats separating the home and away fans which wasn’t ideal and was a shame to be honest. Poor from Middlesbrough and I expected better.

Villa should have an advantage in any promotion race against such teams, as Villa Park is much better attended.

Best Thing about the Ground?

Normally, I’d say the concourse. However, I’m going to say the placement of the away end. As it’s tucked away in the corner, it can only help but generate a class atmosphere in the away end. Also, it made the celebrations a little more crazy when both Abraham and Whelan sprinted over to us after scoring.

I bet it will be a struggle getting Tammy’s massive knee slide out of the turf any time soon…

Classic Moment of the Away Day?

It has to be the ex-bluenose Randolph having an absolute mare trying to stop Glenn Whelan’s strike near the end. That subtle glance over towards the Villa fans going mental, after he made the error was funny too.

You could tell by the scenes Whelan doesn’t score many. What a legend.

Anything funny happen?

As always on the coach journey there and back we have a good laugh. This time it included being gifted advent calendars by Jamie, who features on our videos regularly. A nice gift that topped of the away day perfectly.

Oh, and who can forget Boro’s pre-match disco lights…

Any other business?

Overall, a top class away day topped with lot’s of goals once again. Deano’s really got this team playing and who knows where we’ll end up this season?

Bring on the Baggies.


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