Villa on Tour – Beaten by Empty Seats and Toxic Vibes at Wigan

Villa on Tour

Now that the Christmas period is over and we’re starting to catch-up on things (they’ll be two or three MOMS podcasts this week), here’s the first despatch from the Villa on Tour boys of the year.

And what a way to start – a 3-0 loss against Wigan, a team who hadn’t won since November and had pretty much forgotten how to score goals at the DW Stadium.

How the hell did it happen? Well, below, Max Stokes and the Villa on Tour boys have all the evidence in their video of the DW proceedings.

Following the video is Max’s impressions and review of the away trip. We’ll speak more to him about the trip and get his views on all things Villa in an upcoming My Old Man Said podcast episode later this week.

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Villa Away Day at Wigan Video

Date: 12th January 2019

Score: Wigan 3 Aston Villa 0

Ground: DW Stadium

Attendance: 13,882

Away Review of Wigan

By Max Stokes (Villa on Tour)

Away Atmosphere – 5/10

A tail of two halves really. As always, the away fans were ever optimistic pre-game with a lively concourse party. The 4,500 or so Villa fans were in fine voice in the early stages but the mood switched quickly.

The mood at half-time was a depressing one and it didn’t get better in the second half. As soon as the penalty went in, it turned toxic as hundreds of fans began to leave.

The final whistle resulted in chants such as “what the f***ing hell was that”, which I hadn’t heard since Sheffield United away in September. 

Away End facilities – 8/10

The DW Stadium is a straight forward stadium with the standard four single-tiered stands. The concourse was fairly big which made for a decent atmosphere as well. However, the stadium lacked identity and character in my opinion. Not really too much more to say. 

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Home Fans Atmosphere – 4/10

The number of empty seats at the DW stadium was quite worrying. However, the home fans suddenly burst into life as they fired the goals in.

You just had to laugh when they started to sing “one nil to the empty seats” and then “two nil to the empty seats” etc.

Fair play to the loyal Wigan fans who turned up, but overall it was a very poor showing from the home support. 

Empty Seats My Lord?

A lot. Probably the highest number of empty seats at a football stadium I’ve ever seen. Not sure you could expect too much more from a Championship / League One yoyo team. Very poor showing. 

Best Thing about the Ground?

Probably the fact the away fans were gifted with the entirety of one whole stand. As always, Villa fans travelled in their numbers and it’s a bonus to have one stand to ourselves.

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Classic Moment of the Away Day?

I’d have to say being in the pub in Wigan town centre pre-match. It was packed with rowdy Villa fans singing for a solid 2 hours. You know Villa have had a bad day at the office when the classic moment of the away day happened before we got to the actual ground…

Anything funny happen?

Nope…unless you count the score?

Any other business?

Some say it was as bad as the 4-1 defeat against Sheffield United, a few months ago. I’d have to agree. A really bad away day overall.

People have spoken about there being a toxic atmosphere in the away end. I’ve certainly seen a lot more heated and toxic atmospheres at Villa games.

There was a guy a few rows down from me, who said we should get Bruce back, I’m not quite sure how drink he was. I think the general consensus is that we all know Smith will need time and the fans understand that, but there’s always going to be a few people who are going to expect change instantly (the mad few!).


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  1. True football supporters support their team and don’t leave when they are being beaten by a better team, that’s what happened on sat. Perhaps you are gutted that little Wigan gave big town Villa a football lesson!

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