Villa on Tour – Away Day Shenanigans at Blackburn Rovers

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Villa on Tour

The lads from the Youtube channel Villa on Tour are back on the road and below is both their review and video of this weekend’s 1-1 draw at Ewood Park. In their video, you’ll get to see the highlights from the concourse (including the Tuanzebe song) and the drama from the stands – from the away fans feelings towards Bruce to the limbs of the late equaliser.

As always, it’s recommended viewing.

Max Stokes returns to reviewing duty, after wing man Owen Thompson caught us up in international week on all the away day reviews of the season so far. You can read them all (and see the corresponding videos) here

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Villa Away Day at Blackburn Video

Blackburn Rover Away Day

Date: 15th September 2018

Score: Blackburn 1 Aston Villa 1 (Hourihane)

Ground: Ewood Park

Attendance: 15,982

Away Review of Blackburn

By Max Stokes (Villa on Tour)

Away atmosphere – 6/10

The fact 4,000 Villa fans made the trip up the Blackburn for a 5:30 kick off for a game, which was televised, was absolutely fantastic as usual. However, the atmosphere amongst them was fairly flat. As the game went on, the fans grew more frustrated and they weren’t hiding the fact. A few chants such as “sacked in the morning” and “we want Brucey out” were heard after Blackburn’s goal. Overall, not the best atmosphere but it’s understandable given what the fans had to watch.

Away End facilities – 9/10

Ewood Park would not look out of place in the Premier League let alone League One and the Championship. The concourse was huge, which allowed for some decent concourse atmosphere and my personal favourite concourse song based on Tuanzebe, was in full flow for a solid 10 minutes straight. The stand the Villa fans were in and the traditional stadium, I liked a lot.

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Home Fans Atmosphere – 5/10

Not the best showing from Blackburn fans. Singing from the home ends was very hard to hear at any point during the game, even after they had scored. However, a small section of about 20 Blackburn fans had a drum, which they banged occasionally along with no singing, which was a bit odd. Can’t really blame Blackburn fans too much though due to there turbulent past in relation to their dodgy owners and them seeming to be a yo-yo club between League One and the Championship in recent seasons.

Empty Seats My Lord? – Yes

Yes, a fair few. As previously mentioned, Ewood Park is a massive stadium and to fill it would be a bit of an ask at the moment in the Championship. Some areas of the ground were shut off to supporters and in each section of every stand there were a lot of empty seats.

Best thing about the ground?

I’d probably have to say the away end itself. It’s always a bonus for away fans to be directly behind a goal rather than cooped up in a corner or in the gods like at Newcastle, for example. The spacious concourse as well made it a very good experience and it was one of the best away ends I’ve been in, in terms of facilities.

Classic moment of the away day?

Has to be Conor’s free kick in the 93rd minute. A moment of individual quality could have kept Bruce in a job for that little bit longer. What a goal it was. We’ve come to expect that now from Hourihane. Shame he’s on the bench every week nowadays.

Anything funny happen?

The group of around 20 Blackburn fans right next to the Villa end, who must have had an average age of around 14, provided more than enough entertainment throughout the game. Can’t beat a bit of banter between fans. Especially when we scored…

Any other business?

Again, a good day out let down by a poor performance overall, even with a last minute equaliser. The away fans are not happy with Bruce at the moment and that’s clear for all to see, with more and more turning on him with every game.


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  1. Saturday was a disgrace 90% fans sang for his head they cant all be wrong. If he does not win both the home games this week he goes. He has been the major factor in taking us to the brink of bankruptcy with his insane policies. The new owners have let him continue with those failed policies wasting more money and talent. I think he has started an average of 3 people in each position in 9 games. 3 wins including cup. He has no idea what he is doing. It is chaos as are the performances. Sheffield United are the only team that we should not be easily beating comfortably.

  2. Old fashioned manager in a modern world, and it clearly ain’t working, Bruce has had his day he can’t take us any further, nothing against him as a person but it’s time for him to go.

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