Aston Villa Fans to Expect Hold Back After Legia Warsaw Game (and other info)

Legia Warsaw Game Information for Travelling Villans

After the more domestic feel of a trip up north to Edinburgh for the Europa Conference League play-off against Hibernian, the Aston Villa European adventure begins in earnest with Villa’s first stop, Warsaw, Poland. While the Polish capital is a great city, both vibrant and intriguing, the reality of European football nights is different in the flesh, than the social media celebration of them. The reputation of travelling English football fans from the 1970’s and 1980’s still haunts them, mix that in with local ultras and over zealous police forces, and travelling Villans will need to remain streetwise, while enjoying the great occasion of Villa being back on the European scene.

Here’s a collection of intel MOMS has gathered first-hand for the trip ahead.

Free Buses

After issues when Leicester City played Legia Warsaw back in the 2021/22 Europa League (especially getting out of the ground), the city has taken the welcome initiative of laying on free buses to and from Legia’s stadium ground. The club will no doubt publish details for ticket holders, but the Irish Pub Molly Malone’s near the old town is expected to be the main bus pick-up and drop-off point.

Police Searches

In recent European games at Legia’s stadium, there have been what have been described to MOMS as ‘harsh’ body searches by the police on fans entering the stadium. In general, it’s not exactly the most friendly environment, so don’t expect it to be like an away day to Brighton.

Big Police Presence

With Legia Warsaw currently under the watchful eye of UEFA due to recent misdemeanours in terms of crowd behaviour, expect a big police presence. MOMS understands there’s expected to be 1500 police working on the game, which is close to a ratio of one per Villa away fan.

Post Game Hold Back

Currently there is a planned 40 minute hold back of Aston Villa fans after the final whistle of the Legia Warsaw game. Obviously, such hold backs are fluid with the situation at the time, so potentially expect longer. Villa supporters’ experience of trips to St Andrews will put them in good stead for visiting the Polish Army Stadium, in terms of policing operations and potential atmosphere.

Watch Your Flags

If you’re bringing them, watch your flags. Legia ultras have a fondness for stealing them from bars and then hanging up in their end upside down for show (or on social media).

Have a great trip and see you there.


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