Aston Villa Release Details of Their Ballot Scheme for Away Tickets

As MOMS detailed in recent news on Away Fan ticket issues, the club introduced the idea of a ballot to ensure that away days weren’t a completely closed shop.

The ballot would allow 25 pairs of tickets (50 supporters) to go to ballot, which could be entered via the Pride Rewards scheme, thus providing an extra bit of value for season ticket holders and members.

To enter an away ticket ballot it will cost 200 reward points.

The winners will be randomly selected in advance of each fixture.

Away Ticket Ballot

A total of 25 pairs of tickets will be made available to purchase via the ballot to Season Ticket Holders, Claret Members and Cub Members only.

The ballot will be open for three days in total to those eligible to enter, from the point the Season Ticket Holder window opens (in person/by phone) at 9am on a Tuesday to the following Friday at 12pm (dates subject to change if sale dates are moved for any reason).

Winners will be notified from 2pm the same Friday.

(Please see below for one-off, process exceptions for the Tottenham Hotspur game)

Terms and conditions

• Ballot available to Season Ticket Holders, Claret Members and Cub Members ONLY
• Reward points needed to enter (200)
• The ballot will be open for three days, from the Season Ticket Holder sales window. Tuesday 9am to Friday 12pm. Winners to be notified on Friday’s from 2pm (Dates subject to change but any changes will be communicated via the Online Box Office)
• One entry will count towards one pair of tickets
• After the ballot has closed, confirmation emails will be sent to those who are successful along with instructions on how to purchase
• Supporters should note that entering the ballot does not guarantee a ticket
• Those who have already purchased for that match will not be able to enter the ballot
• 25 winners will be notified by email if they are successful and be given instructions on how to purchase
• Juniors under 14 that are successful must attend with an adult
• Supporters will need to assign ballot spaces online
• All attendees details will be provided at point of purchase

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One Off Spurs Conditions

Tottenham Hotspur – Saturday 10th August

For Spurs away, ballot entries will be taken via the Online Box Office, rather than Pride Rewards on this occasion only.

Eligible supporters will be able to allocate themselves and other Season Ticket Holders or Members’ ballot entries.

Ballot entries for Spurs will be accepted from 2pm today (Friday 2nd August) and remain open until Monday 5th August at 12pm.

Winners will be notified on Monday 5th August from 2pm.

Click here to enter the Away Ticket Ballot for Spurs


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