New Aston Villa Home Kit and Training Favourites and How to Get a Discount

Discount on the Aston Villa home kit, shirt and training wear

Aston Villa’s return to the Premier League stepped up another gear today as the new Kappa range of the Aston Villa home kit and training wear became available.

When Villa initially teamed up with Kappa, there were question marks raised from supporters about Kappa’s infamous figure hugging kits. What about if you enjoyed pies and beers?

As a result, Villa are issuing two versions of the kit – a standard pie and beer friendly normally proportioned shirt and an ‘Elite’ model, which is player issue ‘kombat pro fit’.

The normal home shirt retails at £55 for both men’s and woman’s, with the Elite design surprisingly carrying a price tag of £80.

(See below how you can at least save some pennies)

Aston Villa new kit price

Click here to order – Aston Villa Home Kit Options

Kappa Size Guide

From Kappa’s official site

MOMS Top Choices

What what MOMS has seen so far, these are our two favourite options…

A decent surprise from Kappa is a goalkeeper shirt that will actually be wearable in a casual sense or as an alternative to wearing an outfield player shirt to games. It’s not the normally that you can say that with keeper’s shirts normally being either green or a bright or crazy design and colour.

Click here to order – Aston Villa Home Goalkeeper Shirt

Most of you will have seen the new Aston Villa training kit this week when the players returned to pre-season training for the Premier League season ahead. What we hadn’t seen was the home match-day warm-up top (see below). Yes, they have a shirt for everything nowadays…I’m waiting for the release of the ‘toilet break training top’.

This one retailing at £40 is certainly a bit of a looker, throwing out 1988/89 Hummel vibes with it split line design. Looking good.

Click here to pre-order from the – Aston Villa Training Kit Selection

Right, now to the good news…

MOMS 10% Saving

While it’s hard to get discounts on brand new stuff, in the tradition of the MOMS Shop page, where MOMS sources discount codes and offers for our readers and podcast listeners, so they can get the best price on current, vintage and retro Villa shirts, we’ve managed to get a discount code to at least save you some pennies on the new Kappa Villa gear.

You should know by now, we’re extra like that.

Here it is:

Use the code MOMS10 for 10% off.

Click Image below to shop:


Click on the MOMS SHOP logo to see retro & vintage Aston Villa shirt options

MOMS Aston Villa Shop

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  1. Hate to put a dampener on it and this is my own opinion but I’m not impressed with this kit at all just looks something and nothing to mem I would be interested in other supporters take on it.
    On another subject doesn’t this proposed Douglas Louiz deal sound suspect are we being used by Man City just to get the permit clearances and then they will activate the buy back clause, let’s hope our board are not going to fall for this nonsense even a lot of Man City fansvare saying we’re being taken for a ride and that they will be back in for him in a few months time once we have done the work, If this deal goes through it would be good if our board explan to us just what the deal is for instance are we just going to let them take him back for the signing figure or are we going to double or quadruple it.? Just don’t want us to get a fantastic player just to loose him in a few months having by passed the system for Man City.

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