Aston Villa Adidas Shirt Price Sees Another Substantial Rise

Aston Villa Shirt Price 2024/25

After the price rise in the past month of both season tickets and match day tickets, Aston Villa fans will suffers a further financial strain in less than two weeks, when the new Adidas Villa home shirt hits the market. Having matched the price of Newcastle United’s shirts, when both clubs were with Castore, Villa will follow suit with Adidas, with the basic replica shirt to be priced at £80.00.

An early clue to the shirt price was seen when the 900+ Villa season ticket holders, that were forced to relocate their seats, were given the offer of a £80 club shop voucher as a sweetener.

The £80 price marks a £10 jump from last season, equating to a £14.3% rise. Marking yet another way above inflation price increase for Villans.

Villa’s Adidas kit deal is reportedly structured with a base fee of £10 million per annum and a £3 million bonus for Champions League qualification. It’s incentivized so that Adidas will pay an extra £7 million to £8 million if the club sells 300,000 shirts a season.  With reports of last year’s sales being around half of that, it’ll be interesting to see if the impact of Villa’s Champions League status ramps up demand and nullifies the impact of the price rise.

Recent Aston Villa Shirt Price Rises

SeasonPrice% Increase

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The ‘Authentic’ Version

Interestingly, Adidas calls the ‘Pro-fit’ version of the shirt the ‘Authentic shirt’, which is allegedly the same material and fit of the shirt that the players have. So, if you have to pay £110 for an ‘Authentic Home shirt’, what’s the £80 one? A fake? You might as well get one from Turkey in that case! Joking aside, there’s clearly psychology at play with such naming, and it’s ultimately up to the Villa consumer whether they want to fall for it or not.

The good news for Terrace View or Cells season ticket holders who desperately want to buy an ‘Authentic shirt’ is that the price has been held at £110, the same as last season. Apparently, there is an actual limit to taking the mickey out of fans.


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