Premier League Shirt Prices Comparison 2023/24 Season

Premier League Shirt Prices Comparison 2023/24

The release of this year’s Aston Villa home shirt came with the added intrigue of a new crest. However, news soon got out that the round crest was very much on trial for the upcoming season. Could this shirt become a one-off collectors item? The actual kit design received a mixed reception (a bit Burnley?), and naturally, like most things in the current Villaverse, the price went up.

The regular adult home shirt increased by five pounds, from £65 to £70. That’s just over an extra 7% rise, following last season’s increase of 14%.

Aston Villa home shirt

Other Premier League Club Pricing

So, how does it compare to other Premier League clubs?

Apart from Luton Town’s price increase of £4, Villa’s was one of 10 Premier League clubs in the lower price increase bracket, charging an extra £5 for a standard club replica shirt.

Nottingham Forest supporters were hit with the biggest increase of £15.50, mainly due to their kit provider switch from Macron to Adidas. Following them, five clubs raised their shirt prices by £10 (with Chelsea yet to disclose their pricing for the season).

Last season, there were only six teams with standard replica shirts more expensive than Villa’s. However, this season, that number has risen to nine. At least that’s one positive benchmark for Villans compared to the rest of the league.

The most expensive jersey in Premier League in terms of standard replica shirt is shared at £80, with Arsenal, Spurs, Fulham and Manchester United, all charging the top rate.

What is the most expensive jersey in Premier League?

The “Pro fit” shirt, or whatever name you want to give it, has always been somewhat of a money grab, relying on the veblen good marketing concept where an increased price fuels demand. While the wearer may believe they are getting a superior product to boost their self-esteem, the reality is that any actual difference is negligible, especially if the production costs aren’t significantly higher, and nobody else cares or notices the distinction.

Villa is one of the nine Premier League clubs that offer this shirt variation and, like last year, they are among the most expensive.

Currently, the most expensive shirt is Tottenham Hotspur, who offer a Pro shirt at £125, the only one that is pricier than Villa’s £115. Castore’s Villa and Wolves Pro offerings are more expensive than those of Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Manchester City. There certainly seems to be something way off with the benchmark pricing by Castore in this instance.

Outside of the Premier League, Real Madrid this season is selling their Pro version for a startling £140.

Premier League Shirt Prices

TeamMakeStandard Shirt PricePrice DifferencePro Fit Price
ArsenalAdidas£80.00+ £10£110.00
Aston VillaCastore£70.00+ £5£115.00
BournemouthUmbro£65.00+ £10N/A
BrentfordUmbro£60.00+ £8N/A
BrightonNike£60.00+ £5N/A
BurnleyUmbro£55.00+ £5N/A
ChelseaNikeAvailable August 16th£74.95 last season£114.95 last season
Crystal PalaceMacron£60.00+ £5£70.00 (Body Fit)
EvertonHummel£65.00+ £5N/A
FulhamAdidas£80.00+ £10N/A
LiverpoolNike£74.95+ £5£114.95
Luton TownUmbro£59.00+ £4N/A
Manchester CityPuma£75+ £5£110.00 (in a box)
Manchester UnitedAdidas£80+ £10£110.00
Newcastle UnitedCastore£70+ £5N/A
Nottingham ForestAdidas£75 + £15.50N/A
Sheffield UnitedErrea ?(£55 last season)N/A
SpursNike£80.00+ £5£125.00
West HamUmbro£75+ £10N/A
WolvesCastore£60+ £5£115.00

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