Villa on Tour Catch up – Away Day Shenanigans at Hull City

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Time to catch up on a few away day reviews. We’ve just done the trips to Burton and Sheffield United and now bringing you totally update, here’s the opening game of the season against Hull City.

As you may have seen in recent weeks MOMS has invited the lads behind Youtube channel Villa on Tour to review Villa away days this season and showcase their videos from the games. The videos are a good look into the reality of Villa away days, so are worth a look for their fly on the wall supporters point of view.

While Max Stokes has been on holiday the last week or so, his wing man Owen Thompson takes over review duties, although Max hosts the below video.

If you’re on Youtube, make sure you subscribe to their channel, so you’ll know when the next away day video drops after the international break.

Villa Away Day at Hull Video

Hull City Away Day

Date: 6th August 2018

Score: Hull City 1 Aston Villa 3

Ground: KCOM Stadium

Attendance: 14,071

Away Review of Hull City

By Owen Thompson (Villa on Tour)

Away Atmosphere – 9/10

First game of the season, near enough sold out away end, the faithful were in fine voice throughout. Although, we went a bit flat after Hull’s opening goal. However, once Tommy Elphick equalised we were back to our best and that continued right through the second half to see us through. Top showing from the Villa supporters, which is the norm.

Away Facilities – 6/10

There’s rather bizarre facilities at this stadium. While the whole away end is as one, there are two separate concourses which split down the middle. As well as this, fans are not allowed between the two. One of the ‘Villa on Tour’ members, Robin, managed to get himself a late ticket, however it was the other side to us and when he came across the away end to speak to us the stewards told him to go back to his own area. Very odd indeed. However, the concourse I was in was spacious and had quite a large food area so it could have been worse.

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Home Atmosphere – 4/10

Considering it was the first game of the season, the effort from the Hull supporters was rather poor indeed. They had a little go once they scored but spent most of the time just singing directly at Villa supporters rather than for their own team. As soon as we equalised, the noise just stopped on their behalf and did so near enough for the rest of the game.

Empty Seats my Lord?

Quite a few, as the stadium seemed half empty. Their upper tier of the main stand was shut to everyone looking very similar to the Upper Trinity on most match days. As well, next to the away end on the side stand there was large clusters of empty seats. All across the ground though there were little patches of empty seats with the only full section being behind the goal down by the Villa end.

While the game was live on Sky TV, the main reason for the absent Hull fans was the ongoing battle with their owners, which has turned quite toxic in recent seasons. The owners have tried to change the name of the club to Hull Tigers and also got rid of concessions for kids and other age groups.

Still, the empty sets were much to the delight of the Villa faithful, who could lock and load a big rendition of ‘Empty seats my lord’

Best Thing about the Ground?

Without being too harsh this is one of my lesser favourite grounds in the Championship. There isn’t a lot around it and the stadium is very modern indeed. I must say the best bit about it is the way out.

Classic Moment of the Away Day

There can surely only be one winner for this one. With the away end lively after Ahmed Elmohamady gave us the lead, only around six or so minutes later, the Scottish Cafu himself pick up the ball about 35 yards out, drove straight through the Hull defence and drilled it across the keeper into the net. The away end went absolutely bananas with Hutton and co jumping into the away section to the delight of the fans.

Anything Funny Happen?

Not much funny business actually happened. Apart from winding up the Hull fans and seeing their priceless reactions when Hutton scored.

Any other business?

Not any to mention really apart from the flare that got let off at 2-1. We didn’t play great, but there were goals and a good start to the season.


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