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Villa on Tour

Time to catch up on a few away day reviews…

As you may have seen in recent weeks MOMS has invited the lads behind Youtube channel Villa on Tour to review Villa away days this season and also showcase their videos from the games. The videos are a good look into the reality of Villa away days, so are worth a look for their fly-on-the-wall supporters point of view.

While Max Stokes has been on holiday the last week, his wing man Owen Thompson takes over review duties. While there isn’t a video for either Burton or Sheffield United, below is their video on Bruce instead.

In the meantime, if you’re on Youtube, make sure you subscribe to their channel, so you’ll know when the next away day video drops.


Burton Albion Cup Away Day

Date: 28th August 2018

Score: Burton Albion 1 Aston Villa 0 

Ground: Pirelli Stadium

Attendance: 3,411

Away Review of Burton

By Owen Thompson (Villa on Tour)

Away Atmosphere – 6/10

The away atmosphere was better than Yeovil in the most part and there was a better attempt at trying to spur the team on. However, with the pressure just starting to mount on Bruce ,you could sense the fans turning quickly. After a pretty awful performance that and from when we went behind the away end went flat. Towards the end of the game, it picked up a little, as supporters tried to help the team get an equaliser and low behold it near enough worked, when we were given a penalty. I’ll say no more about what happened next.

Away Facilities – 5/10

Very simple facilities in general. With it being a terraced away end, the toilets as well as the food and drink areas were situated out the back. Very similar to Yeovil in that the food stands got very busy, very quickly. The toilets were tiny however. Not enough room for many more than about 20 people, but in fairness they probably wouldn’t expect teams to take 1500+ every week to Burton.

(If you went to the Pirelli Stadium fill in the FSF survey about your own experience)

Home Atmosphere – 4/10

Rather poor from Burton’s supporters. All three stands which housed Burton fans were fairly full and for some reason there wasn’t much atmosphere at all. It was only once they scored, that they made some form of noise. However within five minutes of this, it just went rather quiet again. The last five minutes brought some noise back into them as they helped see their team over the line and into the next round

Empty Seats my Lord?

Ironic question this, why? There was only one stand of seats. Three of the four stands at Burton are terraced. These were fairly busy, however there was room for more if needed. The main stand had a few empty seats but I believe it was more expensive to sit rather than stand, so this was understandable.

Best Thing about the Ground?

The whole terrace idea was quite good and it was a proper terrace not like the flat pack style one at Yeovil. Apart from that, it’s a rather dull ground with not a lot to boast about.

Classic Moment of the Away Day

The only real notable one was one of the poorest penalties I have ever seen (no wonder Bruce tried to ship out Adomah to Boro after it!). That’s about all.

Anything Funny Happen?

The only real funny thing about the whole game came midway through the first half. Moreira had a couple of incidents of panic on the ball. So when he came to get a drink at the Villa end from a bottle behind the goal, someone sarcastically shouted ‘When you get the ball, F**king kick it!’. This made a lot of the Villa’s fans chuckle and even the keeper himself was laughing.

Any other business?

Not a lot to mention apart from it being a rather miserable evening of football. No League Cup run for Villa once again.


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  1. Notice the Evening Mail is showing Villa fan violence at Burton again – think they’re upset over the reaction to Tom Ross’ Bruce whitewash?

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