Villa on Tour – Away Day Nightmare Shenanigans at Sheffield United

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Villa on Tour

Time to catch up on a few away day reviews. We’ve just done the trip to Burton, now for the nightmare in the Steel City…

As you may have seen in recent weeks MOMS has invited the lads behind Youtube channel Villa on Tour to review Villa away days this season and showcase their videos from the games. The videos are a good look into the reality of Villa away days, so are worth a look for their fly-on-the-wall supporters point of view of the matches

While Max Stokes has been on holiday the last week, his wing man Owen Thompson takes over review duties. While there isn’t a video for either Burton or Sheffield United, below is their video on Bruce instead.

In the meantime, if you’re on Youtube, make sure you subscribe to their channel, so you’ll know when the next away day video drops.


Sheffield United Away Day

Date: 1st September 2018

Score: Sheffield United 4 Aston Villa 1

Ground: Bramall Lane 

Attendance: 26,030

Away Review of Sheffield United

By Owen Thompson (Villa on Tour)

Away Atmosphere – 2/10

The worst I’ve ever experienced. With tensions high, it was not going to take a lot for the fans to turn. Within 10 minutes we were 1-0 down and well that was it really. There was nothing from the Villa fans at all apart from two or three people thinking that fighting was the answer. The only positive I can take out of it was the group of people in the back left corner, who had a rendition of ‘allez x3’ with a Villa twist going on for about 25 minutes during the second half. Apart from that though it was very poor from the 2000+ Villa fans but in fairness they had every right to be flat. Many left too and way before the final whistle.

Away Facilities – 7/10

Not to bad in general. All open behind the away end just like any normal concourse really. There was three or four food/drink stands, which helped reduce a lot of any queues. Lots of space to stand around and talk before heading to the seats. The toilets area was massive so no issues there. The only negative I have was there wasn’t a lot of leg room. It was a bit better than Ipswich but being a tall lad I did struggle at half-time sitting down (which you feel like doing when you’re 3-0 down).

(If you went to the Bramall Lane fill in the FSF survey about your own experience)

Home Atmosphere – 6/10

Considering your team is 4-0 up against one of the ‘tougher’ teams in the division, it was not all that brilliant from the home fans. Yes, they sang at the start of the match and every time they scored, however for most of the second half, they were very quiet. Like most fans they sang towards the end to help United finish strong, but by about 75 minutes everyone knew that not a lot more was going to happen, so the volume dropped.

Empty Seats my Lord?

Not many to be fair. The only patchy section was above the away section, which cannot be seen from our seats, but pictures showed it after the game. But from what we could see, it was only a few thousand from being full.

Best Thing about the Ground?

I am led to believe its one of, if not the oldest ground, in the EFL. I did like the look of it and how it wasn’t as modern as a lot of today’s grounds. It had an old school and slight vintage feel to it.

Classic Moment of the Away Day

The goal we scored will long live on in the memory of all Villa fans…only joking. It was the only half decent moment of the whole day really, a calm finish from El Ghazi, which will only give him confidence going forward.

Anything Funny Happen?

After it took us 65 minutes to even have a half decent attempt, we got a corner. This went down a treat with the Villa faithful, as many of us celebrated sarcastically as if we had just scored. This was rather funny indeed. If you don’t laugh, you cry…or sing “You don’t know, what you’re doing!”

Any other business?

Not a lot else to mention but in summary, it was an absolute joke of a day and it will hopefully be forgotten rather quickly like Cardiff was last season. It also prompted the ‘Bruce Out?’ video above.


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  1. Sorry for not singing, we were 4-0 down. I sung when we weren’t embarrassing ourselves which was the first 5 minutes. Not going to start the faux loyalty singing shite of ‘villa til I die’ when we are getting thrashed. Doesn’t sound loyal, just stupid.

    I also don’t get shit faced at the Villa because I want to remember what happened. Those who sing no matter what are just hammered usually. Villa away following full of pissed up ‘lads’ who are 12 and come because it’s the only place they can get served alcohol and shout abuse at grown men without getting battered like they would on a night out. Also allows them to avoid talking to girls which they also can’t do unless totally mashed.

    Boring. “Shenanigans?” Get a fucking life.

    • No need to get touchy. It’s not a judgement. Of course the atmosphere isn’t going to be great if the team’s let the supporters down and it’s 4-0 after less than 50 minutes. The fans aren’t being rated, it’s just the atmosphere. ‘Shenanigans’ is just a shorter and more fun way of saying ‘what went down’.

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