Villa on Tour – Away Day Shenanigans at Yeovil Town

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Villa on Tour

As you would have probably seen last week on MOMS from their Ipswich video and away day review, MOMS has invited the lads behind Youtube channel Villa on Tour to review Villa away days this season and also showcase their videos from the games.

Hosted by Max Stokes and his trusty right-hand man Owen Thompson, the Villa duo travel the country with their mates to Villa away days, and take you along for the ride, throwing in a bit of running commentary and humour along the way. They’re normally in the thick of the singing and atmosphere, so if you’ve only got to see the game via a stream or TV, then it’s gives you a good look at what it was like to be there.

With Villa having back-to-back home games this week, it was an opportunity to catch-up and post some of the earlier away videos and publish a corresponding review.

With the second round of the League Cup coming up, here’s the 1st round trip to Yeovil, which was MOMS favourite Villa on Tour video of the season so far. There’s some good subtle funny moments throughout the video. The game was also the first time Villa wore their third kit design.

Max will be on holiday for the next week or so, so there won’t be a video of the upcoming Burton cup game.

In the meantime, if you’re on Youtube, make sure you subscribe to their channel, so you’ll know when the next video drops.


Yeovil Town Away Day


Date: 18th August 2018

Score: Yeovil Town 0 Aston Villa 1 (Hourihane)

Ground: Huish Park

Attendance: 6,123

Watch the Villa on Tour Yeovil Video

Away Review of Yeovil

By Owen Thompson (Villa on Tour)

Away Atmosphere – 5/10

Overall a relatively poor showing from what is often regarded as quite a noisy bunch of fans. The usual rendition of ‘Yippee ay ayyyy’ and ‘Villa, Villa, Villa’, as the players came out occurred but apart from that, there was nothing during the first half apart from countless groans when someone lost the ball.

In the second half with the improvement of the team, came a slight improvement in the atmosphere, but it only really went up a notch when we scored. From then on, it was not too bad up to the final whistle, to help get the team over the line. Yes, it was the first round of a League Cup away at League Two opposition, but considering there was 1500+ of us it was fairly poor overall.

Away Facilities – 4/10

Not really knowing too much about League Two facilities, I couldn’t really compare it to others. However, from what I took in, it did not appeal to me at all. An open area behind the stand for fans to drink and socialise, before the turnstiles opened, was good, however it got busy rather quickly. There was only two small stands serving food and drink, which had ridiculous queues all the way up until kick off. Also, outside the turnstile was a rather small cabin which housed about enough toilets enough for about three people at a time. On a more positive note, the toilets in the stand were quite big.

(If you went to Huish Park Stadium fill in the FSF survey about your own experience)

Home Atmosphere – 6/10

Not too bad from Yeovil fans. Most of the noise came from the opposite stand to us, behind the goal. A drum and a large collection of fans willing to help spur their team on certainly helped.

Empty Seats my Lord?

Not many. About 100, but only right in the corner of one of the stands. It was a nice little crowd from Yeovil, as well as the sell out Villa end behind the goal, plus a small section on the side. The home crowd had certainly come hoping to see a giant killing.

Best Thing about the Ground?

I don’t have any specific favourite part of the ground, however I did like the location the ground was in and the surrounding areas. The whole stadium itself was visually not too bad at all. Some nice giant pictures of Yeovil’s glory days on the outside (see video!).

Classic Moment of the Away Day

The only real moment of any note in the whole game was the disallowed goal for Yeovil and what followed. Clearly he did not realise that the whistle had been blown, but continued to go ahead with his ‘Take the L’ Fortnite celebration mocking us. To our delight for almost a minute we just stood there laughing at him whilst he thought he had scored.

Anything Funny Happen?

See above ^^^ and the unexpected penalty save!

Any other business?

Not much else happened. A pretty standard day out and by all accounts, we can count ourselves lucky to be in the next round.


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