Paul Lambert is Officially Now Scaring Villa Supporters With His Stats

Paul Lambert Stats

‘The worst in the club’s league history’ is a phrase that is fast becoming synonymous with Villa boss Paul Lambert. As we mentioned in Five Reason to be Cheerful, Lambert in his first season oversaw Villa’s worse start to a season in 54 years, before equally the record of most home defeats in a season with nine. The next season, Lambert went one better and chalked up 10 home defeats, an all time record in Villa history. Certainly I’ve never experienced such a lacklustre spell in over three decades of supporting Villa, but it’s the younger Villans I feel for the most.

With Lambert, whether you’re a long-suffering season ticket holder or a lover of stats (and facts), the current Villa boss has been the stuff of nightmares for a Villa fan. We cut him slack after slack, yet he seems to keep testing our threshold for pain, more and more. How much more can we take?

Just look at these attacking stats from the season so far…


aston villa stats

It’s remarkable. Southampton have already scored five times the amount of goals as Villa have done and some pundits were tipping the Saints to go down this season, after such an overhaul of personnel. That’s right, Ronald Koeman has successfully done in a matter of weeks, what Lambert is taking years trying to do with little success.

Shocking Facts

Villa are now over eight hours without a goal…531 minutes to be precise.  18 shots on target in 9 games and the opposition has outscored Villa 13 – 0.

Villa have also only scored in three out of ten games this season. They even failed to net at home to Leyton Orient. It means that Villa fans have been paying at around £100 per goal this season, so far.

An even wilder statistic is that 16 managers have left their job in the English leagues since Villa last scored a goal.



Errr, it could get worse…

If Villa fail to net in their next two games, at home to Spurs (who they didn’t score against in three games last season) and away at the high-flying West Ham,  it will be over two months since Villa scored a goal.

As a result, Villa will more than likely then be in the relegation zone after those games, as we approach the Christmas period (aka Ron Vlaar’s holiday). Then, we’ll all be talking about the Burnley away fixture, as a ‘must win’ game.

Imagine if Villa returned the same score at Turf Moor, as they did at Loftus Road… The strength of Lambert’s new four-year contract would soon be tested.

Speaking of which, since Paul Lambert signed a new contract, Villa have played five, lost five and not scored a goal.

Surely things can’t get any worse?


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  1. Firstly, it was QPR, not Palace as you’ve said twice now. And yes, he tired and made a mistake ashes not up to the PL fitness level yet. But up until that point he was by far our best player.

    • AS I’ve said elsewhere we all can & do make mistakes . We were the better side but mistakes let us down & Rob Green put in a phenominal performance against a Villa attack which needs to get some sort of form . Shouting for the managers head on a platter will not solve that as whoever was to replace him would still have the same squad together with all it’s problems . Possession stats for last night overall was 65% and in the 1st half 70% . That in it self is a vast improvement , but possession alone is not good enough , but if greater success is to come that improvement needs building on and not thrown on the scrap heap as it;s a recognised fact that a well organised team is more than capable of beating a disorganised group of players fielded as a team . The squad is starting to gel but clearly there are weaknesses ,but they can only be sorted durring transfer windows if funds allow

      • Completely agree mate. A lot of being made of the fact that we have lost 5 games in a row, but very little mentions the fact that we have played teams vastly better than us in 4 of them. Any (realistic) Villa fan could have looked at the game up until now at the start of the season and picked the result in all of them apart from Liverpool and QPR, which would probably have been expected to both go to the other way, thus evening it out.

        If the games had come in a different order, then we’d be in the exact same position, and yet people would have completely different opinions. Getting so sick and tired of Villa fans being so short sighted all of the time!!

  2. Green didn’t really have anything overly difficult to do :/.
    I probably would try and integrate Grealish more, I think he could help give Benteke something to feed off of. Was glad to see Sanchez play, I was hoping for a while that would be the case and he proved his worth. When playing 433, you need an actual defensive midfielder to fill in the gap from rushing full backs and its something that Everton and Arsenal especially exploited. Delph Westwood and Cleverly aren’t natural to that role and as much as I like them all individually, there just isn’t place in the squad for them all. However, with Sanchez to sure things up, Grealish would be very useful. Allowing the other midfielders to be utilise the space in the middle more. He’s a wide player. He plays down the line and gets crosses in. Something we don’t do right now. With a player the size and strength of Benteke, you need constant delivery and at the moment, we only have Aly trying to do that, and failing.

    • So you either did not watch the palace match or you totally ignored, or disregarded the performance of Villa’s World class DM presumably because he tired and made a mistake which lead to the 2nd goal
      Which it would seem sums up the worthlessness of your critisim

  3. I honestly don’t think we’d miss him at all if we altered the tactics. Using the counter attack, which became stale 3 years ago works for him and his pace, but thats it really. If we were to play good attractive football; the passing, possession game. He wouldn’t be missed at all, and easily replaced.

    • Ah yes tactics ! But how would you acheive this magical change in tactics with the squad we currently have bearing in mind the injury issues ? Oh and don’t say play Grealish as even if he’d been on the bench last night I doubt very much if he alone could have changed any thing . Especially as for much of the game we were in charge of it . And the biggest problem was that Rob Green seemed to have been replaced by superman in disguise

  4. Its not a ‘Gabby hate club’. Striker, centre forward, winger… however you deploy him, he brings absolutely nothing to the team. He has pace, and well, thats it really. If given space and a run on someone he can knock it past and run onto it (to then miss his shot or lose the ball). But he isn’t creative, his passing is dire, no visions, no brain in terms of making runs, and doesn’t hold the ball up well for fellow team mates.

    • I’d beg to differ on how much Gabby brings to the team but rather to ask how much do the team miss Gabby when he does not play . As certainly his presence is missed and from what I’ve heard he had a lot to do with the club avoiding relegation last season

    • Yes the Gabby hate club do keep telling us he’s rubbish . . And when told told that he;s a forward and not a striker they vehemently insist that he is labled as a striker so that is what he must be !
      As for what he brings to the team that varies and last night it seemed he was a foil for a lot of the Palace players agression . But at times I agree we need better & I hear he’d be happy to sit on the bench if there was better to fill his place on the pitch

  5. We play badly and lose, we play well and lose is there a pattern emerging here?!
    I really wanted lambert to succed but i’ve had enough.
    Sometimes you think the players should take some of the blame but in this case theyre not. Its lamberts tacticts or lack of it.

    • If one looks hard enough of course a pattern can be seen . But does it really exist ? Are the players faultless ? Are the tactics wrong ? they certainly did not look wrong for much of the game when Villa dominated last nights game .Also availability of players can dictate tactics and there is little a manager can do to change tactics if the players can not react to the oppositions tactics durring a match

  6. The Stats are only scarey if we let them be and it would seem that there are those who seem to delight in telling us about them . . . I’ve even seen fans posting that they want Villa to lose so that Lambert will be sacked . What sort of fan does that ?
    Last night we were the better team by a mile and on another occassion would have won . But we lost because we made mistakes and were punished for them , But who does not make mistakes and if we are truthful we all do . To me Sanchez was by far the best Outfield player on the pitch but he made a mistake which lead to the 2nd goal . A mistake probably due to the fact that he looked to be tiring , which should be understandable considering this was his first real performance in the Prem.
    And I said Sanchez was the best outfield player as Rob Green had a phenominal performance defending not just the goal but the whole Palace box, blocking not just the 6 shots that were on target but also many Villa attempts on goal
    Yes goals win matches , and I was frustrated as any fan would be at the lack of success BUT I was even more frustrated in that we looked by far the better side and that it was unclear what changes Lambert could make to get a result .. And that was a far cry from the Everton game where several players were not performing and we did not look like winners .
    We are barely a third of the way through the season and certainly the only way is not down . and contrary to the views of some footie in the Prem is a squad game but the Villa squad has yet to gel , but there are signs that is starting to happen , but maybe a few changes still need to be made but that can not happen untill the transfer window opens

  7. it is time to start discussion about what the future is. Hopefully starting with beating spurs on sunday. But even if we do, and I hope to heaven we do, the problems won’t go away. I will be in the Bartons Arms in Nechells after the Spurs game to talk with anyone who wants to come for an informal chat.

    If fans can’t come but are interested, lets know who you are.

    At this stage, just talks about the future. No commitments to anything. While fans can’t achieve much in the game today, not doing anything is bound to fail.

    I’ll be carrying my book VILLA FOR ENGLAND so you can find me. Its only a small pub.

    Talk is cheap. But its time to do some hard thinking about the future

    trevor fisher.

  8. The only solution is removing PL and Keane is only here for the beer by the look of it, we have no real football coaches at the club in effect. The most shocking period in the clubs history, simply wretched being a supporter now.

    Lamberts judgement is hugely suspect in all areas, choice of players, playing systems and choice of staff ie Culverhouse et al, and Keane in my opinion as well.

    Please god he is not given more money in January window and David Moyes firmly in post by then please.

    Tom Fox does need to intervene as the ludicrous award of the four year contract to the poorest manager in the PL do not reflect on him as it was the hapless Lerner’s decision

    Need to start massive public protests ++ or not even Ebola WILL remove this incomprehensible halfwit.

  9. This man will get us relegated. Those stats are not anything new, this has been his standard ever since his first season. That 4 year contract was the most mental decision at the club since McLeish was appointed.

    He is not getting the best out of these players at all and seems devoid of any coaching ability. He needs to be sacked and he can take that tosser Keane with him.

  10. the worrying thing is the Four Year Contract. Lambert had done nothing to deserve a new contract. WHat depresses me is that the owner was so out of touch with reality as to do that.

    If he had left Lambert to run down his contract then see if he achieved anything then we could look forward to light at the end of the tunnel. But this has been switched off. Keane was seen as the manager in waiting, there was a plan…. but there is no plan.

    Keane is only temporary. So we are told.

    If Lerner were still thinking of selling, he should not have given Lambert a contract, the new owner was to decide what he wanted. But if he is staying, then he still should not have given Lambert a contract. He has not shown he has the talent to do the job,.

    Now we have owner and manager who suit each other – neither are up to the job.

    At this stage, its not the Burnley game that is must win. Tottenham on Sunday is make or break. For the fan base. If we lose to Spurs again, the attendances will nose dive. As you say, we pay £100 per goal going to see the Villa. No fans will watch this for a whole season

    Maybe its time for Tom Fox to come out of the shadows. What is the plan?

    Trevor Fisher

    • I don’t subscribe to the reactionary ‘must-win’ nature of the next game. It’s a vicious circle that will be repeated if Villa lose against Spurs…suddenly the next game will be ‘must win’…then the next, without anything happening. Villa have had a tough run of fixtures and have been without Benteke & Vlaar (and even Senderos). The Villa management will always point to those facts. Lets see what they can do over the next four or five games without those excuses.

      • yes and facts are important than stats even though some choose to ignore facts and concentrate on stats which can tell what ever story the tale teller wants them to tell and that was one of the few things my late father did teach me and he had FRSS after his name !
        If fans look for faults they will find them and there have been plenty . But if one looks for them there are also positives , and has as has been stated Lambert has saved us from relegation the last 2 season . But I do expect more this season , and for the 1st 4 games things looked good . As for what has happened since as has been stated they were going to be tough games without some of the injuries & sickness . Yes they are excuses but players are real people unlike their alter egos on the likes of FM and they do make mistakes.
        But what of the positives? Despite the 2nd goal Sanchez is starting to look a World class player and Benteke & Vlaar are back even if they are not fully up to speed .
        So yes there is a good chance that Villa might still return to the top half of the table

  11. what ever you think about lambert the players also have to take a good luck at themselves,,,,

    the worrying thing is QPR were awful,,,

    we have reached a tipping point,, he has to get points now from really tough games

    just a bunch of gummers,,,,

    and i genuinely have no hope until burnley,,,,

    which means we will beat spurs and draw with west ham,,

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