Five Reasons to be Cheerful as Aston Villa Fans After Lambert Breaks Another Record vs QPR

I’m getting used to this misery, it’s depressingly predictable and it seems to last ages – this is the fifth season of pain for Villa supporters. I look at the recent Villa line-up and there’s some decent players in the first 11, even decent internationals, but there just doesn’t seem to be any ideas from the management team in how to ultilise them. Lambert’s latest record is shameful.

Anyway, here’s five reasons for Aston Villa fans to be cheerful…

1. We have a record-breaking manager. In fact, Lambert is something of a legend when it comes to inscribing his name into Villa folklore. In his first season he oversaw Villa’s worse start in 54 years, before equally the record of most home defeats in a season with nine. The next season, Lambert went one better and chalked up 10 home defeats, an all time record in Villa history.

2. Carlos Sanchez had a decent five to ten minute spell.

3. Joe Cole had a decent five to ten second spell.

4. If you’re having a bad time at work and are worried about your job safety with your current employers and being able to pay your mortgage, don’t be. If Paul Lambert can get a new four-year contract based on what he’s achieved so far at Aston Villa Football Club, then with just the minimum of extra effort, you’ll probably get a massive Christmas bonus and a huge wage raise in the new year.

The secret seems to be that nobody really cares what you do at your job, as long as you just turn up. Becoming friends with someone with a beard at work and also growing one yourself (still worth a try, if your a lady) for a couple of weeks will probably also help your cause.



5. After getting beaten to nil three times last season against Spurs, Lambert was obviously saving the team in the last five games for the upcoming Spurs game to make sure of getting revenge at Villa Park.

In case he hasn’t got any ideas as to how to beat Spurs, maybe the Holte End and North Stand can help out with this short-term solution to Villa’s attacking problem?


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  1. And so it continues!

    There really is no need to go over the game, the mess has already been well covered by all sensible, and worried Villans.

    It’s a scary time, the manager sees no fault in what he’s doing on and off the pitch, but I think it’s glaringly obvious that he’s failed big time, his time should be up, but, Randy has rewarded his failure, for an extra 4 years.

    I am worried, that’s why I take the time to vent my anger towards what’s going on at Villa Park, we are going backwards, and downwards, how far down is anyone’s guess.

    This might be viewed as “whingeing” by I don’t give a toss, avfc is my club, I’ve seen relegation, it’s wasn’t pretty being in the old Div3, I stuck with the team then, and always will in the future, I reserve the right to comment, good or bad. UTV

  2. Terry, if you read the Five Reasons, you’ll realise that they purposely try to raise spirits in times of trouble – either with facts or by taking the mickey a little bit.

  3. 65% possesion and I cannot remember at any moment feeling we were going to score. I look at the fixture list and I struggle to find 4 points between now and christmas.

    • Yes, I was going to put the possession as a reason, but it was possession for possession’s sake. Since we have one of the lowest possession rates in the league before the game, that would suggest QPR are pretty poor…yet they still beat Villa. Not good enough.

  4. finding it hard to take positives,,, sanchez bossed midfield and s going to be a very good foil for delph

    lowton got forward,, but his crosses just could not hit there target

    but we are just not creating chances despite good approach play and promising situations,

    and when we do we have and we have no luck at all,,,,

    but benteke is still a lame donkey and i cant see where agbonglahor goes from this point in his career

    he was horrible last night and should be benched its just not working with him in the team

    weinmann did ok though and worked his socks off

    and i thought cole was awful,,,

    its clear the current formation has problems scoring so we need to play weinman and benteke together upfront back to 442 or 4231 and buy a quality wide player in jan

    my only hope is jack grealish,,,

    unleash the force,,,,,


    • Benteke is far from a lame donkey. Villa actually have some decent players and should be mid-table. What they don’t have is a proper system or seemingly much of a plan. The buck stops at Lambert. He knows that.

  5. I wonder what position we would be in if Houiller didnt have that heart issue, Big Eck was a travesty and the negativity brought on the club was a hard one to shake. I thought it woould take a season, that season was tough, reintograting attacking players which were alienated and also playing football to win games rather then not to lose. That first season under lambert although having some big low points had us consistantly playing younger players and playing with intent (sometimes to our detriment with some big losses), we survived, and that was the time to build on that style, add some players to suit THAT STYLE and start to go about building a financially sound team with a good flow of youngsters. What is a a large amount of players in, all of which didnt seem to be in anyones first team plans, and if they were no idea on where to play them, and our results in counter attacking football against much better teams gave us the points to stay alive. This season i thought Lambert has till christmas to at least decide how Aston Villa will play football, what we got instead was 10 hard grafted points from 4 games and barring the hull game not the kind of football that had us thinking this season would be any different, the new contract baffled me, along with the Hutton love in. 5 Transfer windows and last nights Right and Left midfielders were a central mid (to be fair ive liked Cleverley more and more as i watch him play, even when out of position) and a centre forward who struggles to cross, while Bacuna (last seasons pick of the swarm of flops, but again constantly played out of position) sits on the bench. I really cant see how we’ll get better with our big lack of direction, ive been mostly silent in my Lambert mumblings, but can anyone tell me after 85 league games is our prefered formation or playing style? he was happy with our possession last night but we rarely looked dangerous seems thats our goal against “lesser” teams while we happy to sit back, play on the break and hope for the best. Seems like a reciepe for relegation, i better stop, i needed a vent!
    UTV bring on burnley on the 29th………….

    • The core of Villa’s problems is how they are set up to play. Sometimes they’ve got lucky with it (3-2 vs Man City & Saints last season), but we’ve been like a disaster waiting to happen with no noticeable progress. It’s getting very tedious and boring.

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