The Short-term Solution to Aston Villa’s Attacking Problems?

Shot and Goal Drought

When you support a team that has scored one goal in its five games and has only conjured up three shots on target in that time (450 minutes), then it might be time as supporters to take action and fix the problem.

(UPDATE: Nobody listened to the below, as it’s now October 27th and Villa have now lost five games without scoring a goal)

Last season at Villa Park a rousing Holte End display of balloons, banners and inflatables spurred Villa on to a 3-1 victory against Hull City in the last home game of the season.

Villa had nine shots on target that game, three times the amount they have managed in the five games that followed.

For the Hull City game at Villa Park this week though, we may need more than balloons and inflatable to inspire the forwards.

 Aston Villa Supporter Display Help

Since the Villa strikers seem to have forgotten where the goal is, since the last time Villa played Hull, it might be a good idea for fans watching in both the Holte End and North Stand to take inspiration from the below picture:

holte end banner striker help

The idea of supporters using big fluorescent arrows to help their team’s forwards identify the goal was trialled in Europe a couple of years ago at German club FC Magdeburg. While they got beat 2-1, at least they did manage to score.

In times of such goal drought hardship, sometimes desperate measures are needed. While Benteke remains on the sidelines recovering from his long-term injury, big fluorescent arrows might be our best bet of trying to help Bent, Weimann and Gabby find the target.

If the trend of empty seats increases at Villa Park, Villa supporters might have room to be able to get a bit more involved with their arrows and turn it into a routine of sorts as the FC Magdeburg demonstrated in the video below. UTV

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  1. Hey,why dont weput a big magnet behind the goal and slip some ball bearings into the ball.
    God knows we need something,anything, to get us putting the ball in the back of the net,a couple of forwards with half a brain and a shot on em would be a good start.
    Luis Suarez,would be nice…wonder if we could get him on loan from Barca.If we got him to shave his head and grow a big beard we could pass him off as gabby gone wrong.
    He had his last meal (centreback) a while ago now,so he must be well hungry.Probably score nine goals before his first bite.
    As for Cleverly,I dont know,didnt take much notice of him at Yuhnahted,must have been the shirt (rag) or something.But ,really,do we need another midfielder? Mind yoo,the way Delphi s playing he might be going the other way soon.
    Meanwhile ffs, Villa,will someone,anyone have a fkn shot,even if it hits the corner flag.
    And if you see a fat bastard wearing glasses behind the goal with a big magnet,thats me.

  2. Joking aside,,, we have to give the team a bit of time to gel, and last nights defeat was a very changed side
    may well give them the kick up the arse we need

    lambert could have walked this summer,, but he stayed,, we are all disappointed with last night and the players must take some criticism

    but its obvious bent needs games and needs sharpening up

    rome wasnt built in a day so lets see what happens against hull with a strong side,,, i expect a result,,,

    so thats put a curse on it,,,,

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