Five Reasons to be Cheerful as Villa Fans After a Long-awaited Villa Home Win

It wasn’t exactly a routine win against Ipswich Town, but having only had one win in their last nine games, Villa’s season was fast haemorrhaging and three points was essential against the league’s bottom team, if Villa’s season was to stay alive.

Villa actually gave up 55% of the possession to Paul Lambert’s team, in stark contrast to earlier games they bossed under Dean Smith. Naturally, they made hard work of a game they had seemingly in control at 2-0. Wasteful finishing and the odd save from an uncertain keeper, kept the door open for the visitors and they almost took advantage of it, hitting a post after pegging it back to 2-1.

Villa most improve and win their next game against Reading, also a bottom-three team, and hopefully they’ll take the Ipswich win and propel themselves onto better things.

While it’s hard to currently be convinced by Villa’s play-off credentials, at least they’re still in the race.

in the meantime, here’s five reasons to be cheerful beyond not getting beat by Paul Lambert on his return to Villa Park…

1. A Bloody Home Win

A win is a win and there hasn’t been one at Villa Park since the 4-2 win against the Blues back in November. It could have been more convincing, but that wouldn’t have exactly been Villa would it?

2. 19

Tammy Abraham has now scored 19 goals for the season. Topping the Championship’s scoring chart, the on-loan striker’s tally is 36% of Villa’s total of 56.

At the moment, Abraham’s contribution is to act as Villa’s life support system. The fact that he’s not even a Villa player, says a lot about where Aston Villa currently find themselves.

The club’s media department have been hyping Abraham’s exploits by saying he’ll be the first Villa player to score 20 league goals since Peter Withe’s tally that helped win Villa the league in 1980/81.

Really there’s no comparison, Withe’s effort was in the English top tier and helped Villa bag their first title in 71-years.

Abraham will need a supporting cast to step up, if his goals are going to have any worth to the club, come the end of the season.

3. Shots

While Villa lacked cutting edge and the keeper made a few decent saves (despite being prone to spilling the ball early doors), Villa are again creating chances.

After having only two shots on target over the duration of their last two games, 13 of their 23 shots recorded during the Ipswich game found the target.

This will be encouraging to Dean Smith after the team’s attacking threat had faded in recent weeks.

4. FA Cup Help

Three of the four teams currently occupying the play-off spots will play at least one more FA Cup tie, which will help keep them occupied, if Villa decide to worse the play-off issue.

Derby won 1-0 away at Accrington, while West Brom and Middlesbrough will face replays after drawing against Brighton and Newport, respectively.

5. Bruce’s Back

Steve Bruce returns to the Championship. Maybe if he’s managing someone else, some Villa fans will stop obsessing about him.

It was interesting to hear Bruce say this week, that he almost retired from the game after his Villa stint, before accepting the Sheffield Wednesday job.

“I thought long and hard about whether I want to do it again,” said Bruce. “But a phone call was made and before I know it I’m back on the wagon again.”

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  1. My god Colin just read this. Guess what they are all midfielders the best in championship last year no doubt. I hope to god the powers that be read this and look at the path we are going down yet again. I mean we are down to our last 47 midfielders. I think Bruce bought the best in previous championships and strikers too. Not to mention 5 incoming goalkeepers in 5 months plus Steer and Bunn and a gk coach!. Why can’t our owners get the managers to do what they are paid for and “manage”. Tell em no more!!! And while they are at it how about getting Terry to do what he’s paid for and get players to defend. If the chairman read your pages instead of the crap in the Mirror group papers i.e the Birmingham mail, we might be on our way to having a club again. Listen to the supporters we actually go the games and care about our club. Everyone at the club players, managers, coaches, executives. should look at this site. They might learn something because they have learnt nothing for years. Bring back Doug he really cared. Does anyone at the club ever read this site. I think I’ll send a link to the chairman

  2. Another couple of points to make which planet is Dean Smith on talking up Tuanzebe to Man U and now stating to Chelsea that Abraham’s is premiership quality, whilst some of this may be true. It goes a long way towards us never being able to sign them it beggars belief to me, and now I see we are after 3 Fulham players can someone tell me is this the same Fulham that looks very likely to be relegated. I can’t believe this stuff makes you feel like giving up if that’s the best we can do.

  3. We desperately needed that win but our performance was desperate against a truly dreadful side doomed to relegation. We could yet again have lost it even when they decided to attack for the first time in the last 10 minutes. They scored one, hit the post and should have had a penalty for handball. Chester yet again was dreadful giving the ball away 3 times in the first half and a couple of dreadful headers would normally cost a couple of goals. El hamody again showed what he do . Nothing. 2 wingers again who can’t be bothered supporting the isolated Abraham. Only good thing was McGinn who has been very ineffective for weeks actually passed and got forward. Hutton looked a bit better with Adomah in front of him but against dreadful opposition. We need 6 wins on trot to even challenge for play offs (3 points a game against rivals 2). Without an unbelievable turn round in performance, effort, team selection tactics and cohesion that is impossible. Bring kids in now plan for next season. When we won’t have Abraham, Grealish, Tuanzbe, El ghazi, Hutton and maybe McGinn. But we will still have loads of other dross we can’t unload. Bring Mitch back now!

  4. Agree Abraham’s will need some support, because he’s on his own at the moment, very pleased for the 3 points but very worrying to see 23 shots and 1 goal plus a penalty, yes we’re creating good opportunities but surely we have to convert a lot more. Let’s hope we can strengthen before Wednesday because we desparately need to on today’s showing.

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