Villa Director Does Randy Lerner’s Dirty Work and Blasts Lambert

Yesterday, statements started were released related to Paul Lambert’s dismissal. First there was Paul Lambert’s statement which was a pc attempt to cover over his abysmal record.  Then came Randy Lerner’s statement – curt empty gesture. Today though, things got a little more exciting with a third statement – albeit via the Sun newspaper – from non-executive director General Charles Krulak.

Krulak’s words were in direct response to Paul Lambert’s who had essentially been spinning the narrative that he had no money to spend.




General Charles Krulak’s words

This idea that Randy has not put money into Aston Villa and that Paul’s hands were tied is not true. It’s hogwash. Paul took the job knowing he had good, experienced players, Bent, N’Zogbia, Agbonlahor, even if they were expensive. But he argued he needed a group of fresh younger players.

Randy backed him to bring in six to eight players in that first year or so. The club’s spend during that time was the highest of any manager under Randy.

That is the reality. Randy wants a team that – win, lose or draw – is fun to watch. But the opposite was true.

[quote_center]’That Paul’s hands were tied is not true. It’s hogwash.'[/quote_center]

We’ve already discussed on MOMS the inconsistencies in Lambert’s strategy – from exiling his senior players in the bomb squad to changing his transfer policy and ethos on the pitch – the bottom line is Lambert did a poor job. The numerous records of underachievement are proof to that.

Likewise, Lerner has been proven uncertain in his vision for Villa. From trying to sell the club, his ‘heart is not in it’ statement, and to continually supplying the oxygen to Lambert’s reign, despite the Villa boss’s under-performance.

Still, the club can move forward now, but it is important that Lerner isn’t leading Villa supporters on any more wild goose chases and these steps forward will at least be a concerted attempt of going in the direction of that ‘bright future’ he promised us all. UTV

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  1. The blame game continues, but you know what? I don’t give a toss who’s to blame as long as things are sorted out asap, and we get clear of the relegation zone. Then plan for the future…..some hopes!
    Problem is, Lerner is secretive, so we wont know if he still wants to sell, or keep the club as his future personal cash cow from TV money, or, flatten Villa Park and turn it into a USA style mall, don’t laugh, anything is possible with that fool.

  2. Lets be honest with Lambo’s ego the split was never going to amicable, the bloke’s clutching at straws finding anyone and anything to blame for his own failings.
    Look at the bomb squad, what the f**k was that all about? Any manager worth his salt would use all the talent at his disposal, ok his remit was to reduce the wage bill but if you can’t off load them, use them!
    But no he humiliated them, sending them to train with the kids and what does that say about him? He can’t deal with experienced pro’s with an opinion?
    Good on ya General krulak.

  3. lambert had to work within strict limits,, on the whole this year things started well, the next run of games
    was as tough as it gets, then we fail to beat spurs and qpr despite being the best team,,, and we have never been the best team,,
    then red cards suspensions etc sort of clouded things, but the truth was when he went to germany
    he effectively committed football suicide
    and without a proper no 2 to tell him where it was going wrong he was doomed
    that said bentekes lack of form was hard to predict and devastating for the teams results and morale
    and to even consider dropping the big man shows how bad the big man had become

    i just hope that we can find a way to allow him to start firing again

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