The Randy Lerner Statement Wastes Opportunity to Communicate to Fans

I know Villa chairman Randy Lerner’s statement in May last year said his heart wasn’t in owning the club anymore, but really he needs to work on his communication to supporters.

The Paul Lambert sacking once again presented a big chance for Lerner to communicate to supporters, to maybe discuss his thinking in the change of management, his current feelings post the non-sale of the club and also to be bullish for the upcoming serious fight the final third of the season is going to be.

What does he do instead? This curt ditty…

Randy Lerner Statement

Following several brutally challenging years at Villa, Paul Lambert arrived with a fresh view and a proven style and track record. It was our hope, and belief, that Aston Villa would find its footing and strengthen during Paul’s tenure with the club.

Adding players and investing in the squad over the last three years has strengthened Villa, and it is our hope that given the quality, leadership and team spirit at Bodymoor Heath that we can rise to the occasion for the remainder of the season.

I want very much to thank Paul for his commitment to me personally, and to Villa, and wish him well personally and professionally in his future endeavors.

– Randy Lerner


A bit of a wasted opportunity, if you ask me. Plus, in the UK, Mr Lerner, we spell it ‘endeavours’.


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  1. With news now saying Lambert gave Lerner 2 opportunities to sack him due to severe financial restraint, I think its fair to say that Lerner is the problem. If the club was to buy proven quality players rather than penny pinching (as seen in the last 4 years), then I don’t think we would be in such a bad way. That’s not to say Lambert is not at fault, but it appears to me that Lerner is suffocating the club financially!!! He needs to be next!!!

    • As I’ve posted many times I think a lot of the penny pinching was down to Faulkner who did not understand that budgets are for guidance and that when you need quality you don’t constantly buy the economy version of the players you want ,& that sometimes going slightly over budget to buy the quality you require gives a better return on your money in the long term . But certainly Lerner should have released more funds to bring in another striker as there was always the danger that Benteke & Kozak would not be able to provide the supply of goals we need

  2. Get Klinsman or Laudrup, and don’t go near any other manager
    That’s the statement that say no more failure.

  3. He probably feels that as fans forced the sacking of Lambert , he should just publicly thank our former manager without putting into words how he feels about the current scenario

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