Five Villa Park Derby Day Pitch Invaders Have Court Date

Derby Measures

After the West Midlands Police went to serious measures – including lines of impact vehicles and steel wall cordons – outside Villa Park stadium to make sure there was no trouble on derby day, the main arrests on Sunday ironically happened on the actual pitch (not the Villa players, despite only being able to force one corner and one shot on target at home!).


Derby Arrests

The game saw some pitch invasions by individuals throughout the game, including during the celebrating of the winning goal. While there was no menace in their intentions, those involved and named below, as listed on the WM Police site, have been charged and face a day at Birmingham Magistrates court on May 9.

The offenders were named as:
•    Calum Wills, aged 25
•    Robin French, aged 24
•    Jordan Slayford, aged 18
•    David Ward, aged 22
•    John Allison, aged 30

If any of the above need legal advice or representation, please do contact MOMS on and we will put you in touch with specialists in such matters. We’ve helped several Villa fans in the past on such matters. It’s in your interest to sure you are represented on the day. You might not think there’s a point, but there’s every point!

Also the WM Police website reported that a 21-year-old man from Dudley was arrested on suspicion of assault and he has been released on police bail pending further enquiries.

Despite the potential inconvenience to fans of the police measures on the day, thanks to good communication prior to the match of what was being planned, there seems to have been few complaints from supporters on the day or afterwards on social media.

Certainly it was a day that passed without any measure disorder and fans on a whole were left to enjoy the weather and the result.


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