Birmingham City Issue Apology & EFL Make a Statement After Jack Grealish Attack

“Jack is a Birmingham lad and regardless of club allegiance should not have been subjected to this – there are no excuses.” – Birmingham City

EFL Statement

The EFL didn’t even wait until the end of the match to issue a statement after an idiot let his team, Birmingham City down by invading the pitch and taking a pop at Jack Grealish.

The incident sparked up memories of the on-pitch attack by a Blues fan on Peter Enckelman back in 2002. While such incidents are extremely rare in English football, the fact this is the second time a Blues fan has done it in this fixture, means Birmingham City will be under close scrutiny now as a club – especially when they constantly lead the seasonal supporter arrest table.

In the end, Grealish served up instant karma and justice on the field, after scoring a second-half winner in the 1-0 victory for Villa.

The pitch invader may face criminal charges if Grealish feels the need to press charges for the assault.

The EFL’s statement about an incident that will no doubt cause a lot of discussion, was as follows:

“It’s a situation no player should ever be faced with.

“In all circumstances the playing surface is for players, not supporters and those playing in the game must be able to do so safe in the knowledge they will not be subjected to this type of behaviour. 

“Whilst this incident falls within the remit of the Football Association, we will work with all the relevant parties to address the issue of player and match officials safety on the pitch and ensure the appropriate action is taken.”

Straight after the final whistle, Birmingham City themselves issues an apology to both the player and Aston Villa, confirming a life ban for the individual that attacked Grealish.

Birmingham City Apology

 “Birmingham City Football Club would like to apologise to Jack Grealish and Aston Villa Football Club for an incident in this afternoon’s derby match.

“We deplore the behaviour of the individual who committed this act and rest assured he will be banned from St. Andrew’s for life. The club will also support any further punishment this individual may face in the eyes of the law.

“The club will be working with the relevant authorities to investigate all the circumstances and we will be reviewing our stadium safety procedures.

“What happened has no place in football or society. Jack is a Birmingham lad and regardless of club allegiance should not have been subjected to this – there are no excuses.

“Again, we apologise to Jack and all at Aston Villa Football Club.”

MOMS has already been in some discussions with the Football Supporter Federation (FSF) about the incident and it will no doubt feature prominently in the next West Midlands Police Football Unit Independent Advisory Group (IAG) meeting later this month.

We’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Sorry for Birmingham City and their real fans, but think of the worst case scenario, what if the idiot had been carrying a knife!!!!!

    • You have to judge a crime on what actually happened, not what could happen. BCFC need to sort their stewarding out though, as it’s been an on-going issue.

  2. IMO Birmingham should have forfeited the match there and then, sorry for the real fans who would only have seen 9 mins of play, Birmingham deserve all they have coming for that attack and the marshal incident.UTV

  3. If the authorities are serious about preventing future thuggery, then a stadium ban needs to be enforced on the Blues.

    The lead position in the supporter arrest table and the dual fan/steward attack suggests there is a systemic issue at Birmingham City.

    And, a tip of the cap to Grealish, his riposte was perfect.

  4. I doubt Jack will press individual charges. He should. But either way to deter others a long custodial sentence should be handed out. Blues will also be punished. Could they have done more? Not easy. The stewards were probably taken by surprise as the rest of us were. The steward who instantly followed him should be highly commended for not only apprehending the thug as quickly as he was able, but to shield him from the wrath of players which could have been very nasty. The match itself was a poor showing by both teams we just had a 15 minute purple patch which was enough. But a clear penalty claim and 2 missed chances by Gardner made it a lucky win. Neither team is good enough to make the play offs.

  5. I feel so sorry for Birmingham City, as they now face severe punishment for the actions of the supposedly blues fan & the Birmingham City steward. These two should get lifetime bans from EVERY sporting arena, no matter what sport is being played. The steward should have known better. He was in that position to protect,NOT issue punishment. Both are a disgrace to the human race.

  6. The supposed supporter who ran onto the pitch to attack Jack Grealish, has a lifetime ban from St Andrews,(rightly so), but I feel he should be banned for life from attending ANY football stadiums. Also, what is going to happen to the so-called steward of Birmingham City, who kneed Jack as he was celebrating with the villa fans ? We know he was arrested. Maybe a similar thing should happen to him to (a lifetime ban on ever doing stewarding at ANY sporting event. This will show these people that this will NEVER be tolerated at any sporting arena, no matter what game is taking place. There is no place in sport for such violence & should be stamped out with complete bans.

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