Dean Smith’s Revolution Begins Big Test and Purslow FCG Meeting

Ultimate Pre-Match Derby Listen

The Second City derby marks the start of a long hard winter for Dean Smith’s Aston Villa team, that showed real evidence of potential before the international break. On top form and with a ton of laughs, the My Old Man Said podcast looks ahead to the derby and analyses the key areas and concerns of the match-up.

Also, the main points from the recent Aston Villa Fan Consultation Group meeting with Aston Villa CEO Christian Purslow are discussed – everything from FFP, naming rights, tannoy systems, social responsibility, the club’s media output, to the January transfer window. While we also give our first impressions on the man now running the club.

There’s talk of the UEFA Nations League, the recent cheeky Villa-related antics of Nigel Kennedy, and MOMS’ recent meeting with some of the European Cup winning side of 1982.

David Michael, Dan Rodgers and Chris Budd also take a trip down memory lane to tackle a Second City derby-related ‘Where Were You, When We Were Good?’ – the new regular section of the podcast.

And of course, there’s plenty of laughs along the way.



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  1. I hope not but I think smith may have made a massive blunder surely Bolasie should be in the starting line up, and I also think we have much better options than Whelan, but hey this is only my opinion and of course I really hope I’m wrong.

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