Five Reasons to be Cheerful as Villa Fans After Letting Burnley Off the Hook

After throwing away another chance of three points in the final minutes against Burnley, which leaves Villa winless in nine games, there’s probably only three things that would make Villa fans truly happy: a win, the sale of the club and a sacking. In the meantime here’s five other reasons for Villa fans to be cheerful…

1. Cole bonus.

Joe Cole might be of some use after all. Signing Cole was always a gamble albeit a low risk one since he was a freebie. It had seemed that his impact would be minimal, if any, but the ex-Chelsea man rolled back the years in the first-half against Burnley to link up play and add a dimension to Villa’s forward play that has long deserted them. His goal on his first Villa league start showed the attacking midfielder still has excellent movement too.

Certainly with the return of Benteke, who is best served with ball to his feet (remember Anfield in his first season), rather than just lumping it up to him, Cole’s link up play could finally get Villa going in attack. Lets just hope he can stay fit.

2. Benteke time

I certainly got the feeling against Burnley and Southampton that if Benteke was on the pitch, Villa would have walked away with three points in each game. The Belgian will be essential to having any chance of breaking the winless run of nine games in the upcoming games. If Benteke feels he owes his manager anything, then now is the chance to repay him and help save Lambert’s skin.

3. Darren Bent scored

Ah, but we loaned him out to Aston Villa reserves in the Championship (Brighton) this week. Obviously it’s good to see the likes of Gardner, Bennett and Bent getting games to improve sharpness etc, but is the fact that Brighton with this Villa influence are now in the Championship’s relegation zone a coincidence?

4. Keane has gone

The assistant manager of Ireland has walked out on Villa with little more than 24 hours to go to a match. I wonder where he got that idea from? Ireland’s current boss, by any chance?

Keane was a decent enough appointment at the start of the season considering the ‘for sale’ nature of the club. The temporary nature of the job suited his job juggling position. But to suddenly wake-up one morning and decide: ‘I’ve got five kids and it’s too much hassle to travel from my Cheshire home’ is a tad hard to believe. Didn’t he think about that in the first place?

In short, he’s let down the club and Lambert (who could do with a friend right now).

With no actual international game until the end of March next year, it’s hardly classy to not even give Villa any notice period to help give them time to find a replacement. It makes you wonder what kind of mickey mouse contract Villa let him join on.

5. One game closer

For those who want Paul Lambert out, we are now one game closer to that happening.


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  1. A few bad results? He’s been at Villa for over 2 seasons, he’s managed 101 games, won only 30 of those, I repeat 30, or THIRTY, a 29.7% win rate, lost 48, yes FORTY EIGHT, 23 draws, hows that a few bad results?
    The only time he deserves is time to pack his bags and depart Villa Park, the man is a managerial disaster.

  2. I was enjoying the sympathy you were showing towards Lambert until point #5.

    He deserves even more time than he’s already been afforded. I know it sounds weird as most managers get fired after a few bad results but we’re better than that. And Lambert will turn this team around, no doubt about it.

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