Chatting Sh*t About Gabby Agbonlahor. What’s His Future?

What’s Up With Gabby?

The subject of Gabby Agbonlahor seems to refuse to go away. One goal in a game that was promoted to Villa’s biggest game of the season (judging by the celebrations) due to the club’s flagging ambition (12th in THIS league is shocking) and it seems the many a memory is wiped.

We’ve already tried the benefit of the doubt approach with the man Paul Lambert once labelled “a terrific weapon” when one of our writers wrote in 2013 about the potential of him becoming the player we always wanted him to be.

Shortly after, Agbonlahor’s slump was dramatic after Tom Fox and Randy Lerner gave him a new contract, that would chain him to the club making it difficult to move him on. The last feature we wrote about him detailed how he had let his club down repeatedly.

It’s difficult to have any other opinion on him other than being yesterday’s man, but Bruce still professes the striker has a big role to play next season, if he has a good pre-season.

Considering the standard of this league based on what we have seen this season, Agbonlahor certainly could have an impact, but it would depend on his own motivation. If he couldn’t get himself right for Premier League football, then will this division really spark him into action?

More importantly though, shouldn’t Villa be better served concentrating on building the future of the team, rather than revisiting the past?

So, in light of this and his derby day inspiration, we spent a good period of the latest My Old Man Said podcast discussing Gabby’s future and what this could be at Villa – for better or worse.

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Villa’s Attacking Spark?

Also in the podcast, as well as reflecting on the derby and Mr Agbonlahor, we look at the issues of Jack Grealish, Scott Hogan and Conor Hourihane. Since they are the key to lift the team up a level when going forward, why aren’t they firing on all cylinders?

Ugo Urban Myth

Also, MOMS debunks a myth about Ugo Ehiogu, after tributes are made during the Second City derby last weekend. Why do fans keep saying his debut was against Norwich?!

Issue of Performances

We continue the discussion of the team’s performance level and what Bruce needs to do to get Villa in the position of challenging for promotion next season, in what will be a vitally important season.

Villa Crazy

Also in the latest podcast episode, there’s bags of fun discussion, including: 8am drinking, Villa Park’s pitch invaders vs hardcore stewards and life in general at B6. Plus, there’s Jedinak’s Jungle and the all new Negatron – who’s probably the most insightful pundit into the goings-on’s at Villa Park, that you’ll ever come across.

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