#44 Aston Villa vs Middlesbrough Play-off and End of Season Podcast Episode

Do or Die Time

Fingers crossed for this evening. If you’re in need of something to cure the tension and relax your mind in the lead up to the game, listen to the second Villa vs Boro preview podcast show we’ve done.

As well as looking at the play-off match, we look at various other end of season happenings from Wenger’s farewell to ‘Gary Monk’s spunk’ (according to a Blue’s flag), and more. There’s also a ‘Gabby does Winston Churchill’ speech at the end.

Listen here…


MOMS Episode 44: Aston Villa vs Middlesbrough Play-off Mega Mix Special

My Old Man Said fully opens the fourth dimension of podcast crazy to look ahead to Aston Villa’s play-off battle against Middlesbrough. David and Dan, look at how the season ended in the PL and EFL, before focusing on the double-header against Boro.

The show is bookended by Gabby Agbonlahor’s goodbye speech and the Churchillian farewell he perhaps should have given Villans. There’s a season’s recap of Tony’s Tweets and the return of Negatron, who’s getting anxious about the play-offs.

Also popping up in the show is a crying Baggie, an insane Middlesbrough granny and an expert on Tony Pulis.

As well as plenty of laughs to ease the play-off tension, there’s:

  • Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson
  • Swansea City, WBA, Sunderland relegation
  • Birmingham City survival
  • Aston Villa kit deal with Luke 1977 and Franatics
  • Pitch Awards
  • Detailed look at Middlesbrough with Adama Traore focus
  • Tony Pulis revenge mission
  • Derby County and Fulham
  • Cardiff City promotion
  • Our early season Villa predictions
  • Anne Summers party pitch invasion
  • And more…

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Podcast Episode 44 features:

David Michael – @oldmansaid 

Dan Rodgers – @avfc_vilr

My Old Man Said – https://myoldmansaid.com

Villa Underground – http://www.villaunderground.com

Sketch writing David Michael and Dan Rodgers

Voice ‘talent’ – Dan Rodgers

Producer – David Michael