Monday, June 17, 2024

A Venglos View

There’s only two types of people in this world – those who get ‘A Venglos View’ and those who don’t…

Christian Benteke Wembley goal

Christian Benteke Being Sold On Ebay to Ensure £25 Million Reserve

Aston Villa Find a Way to Spell Out to Spurs, it's £25 Million for Benteke We've known for a while that a figure of £25...
venglos view

Aston Villa Fans Emergency Plans for When a Season Turns Sour

Update: With the direction the 2015/16 season is taking, it maybe time to dig up these plans that were in place for a second...
aston villa attacking midfielder

Exclusive: Paul Lambert Plans Unusual Special Guest Spot at Villa Park Concert

With Bon Jovi rolling into Villa Park this weekend, any Villa supporter with a ticket could be in for an unexpected special surprise.Rumours have...

Exposed – Prince William’s Aston Villa Influence is Growing

How Aston Villa are increasingly under the control of Prince WilliamFootball clubs have increasingly become the play things of rich Russian oligarchs and Arabian oil...

Benteke Staying at Aston Villa & eBay Pull Plug on Benteke eBay Listing

Dear eBay - Christian Benteke is not an 'Escort', nor does he 'Offer Services of a Sexual Nature' Benteke eBay Listing Aftermath As some of you...

The Most Disturbing Thing About Villa’s Trip to the Etihad

The Twisted Humour of Villa's Trip to the Etihad  4-0 was kind of the score most Aston Villa supporters were expecting a weaken Villa team...