The Prince William Aston Villa Fan Match Experience – A Venglos View

 Prince William Aston Villa fan – future kings can be fickle too

The fact that Prince William finally got to see his first match at Villa Park was probably the ONLY point of interest from yet another uninspiring performance by Paul Lambert’s Aston Villa in the 0-0 home draw against Sunderland.

The Prince had been to Aston Villa’s FA Cup semi-final against Bolton back in 2000, but had never experienced the full wonder of visiting Villa Park in B6.

It’s perhaps a shame he didn’t turn up a few months ago when Villa last played Sunderland at home. Still, at least he got the full reality of being a Villa supporter in recent years.

As you’ll see from the following pictures and captions, Prince William starts the game off as a future King, but after 90 minutes ends up a typical Aston Villa supporter.

Just don’t call him ‘fickle’ or you might lose your head.


Prince William villa park first game
Over a pre-match drink at the Holte Hotel, a concerned Prince William and his aide discuss whether this trip to Villa Park was actually a good idea.
prince william aston villa fan at villa park
Prince William’s initial apprehension soon leaves him when he takes his seat at Villa Park for the first time. He’s mesmerised and in a trance-like state as he beholds Villa Park with his own eyes for the first time. “It’s far grander than Buckingham Palace,” he whispers to himself.
prince william aston villa fan villa park Sunderland
As the game kicks off, Prince William is quick to start the first ‘Ohhhhh, Christian Benteke’ chant of the day.
prince william visits villa park
After his initial excitement, within 10 minutes Prince William adopts the typical Villa fan pose trying to work out Paul Lambert’s tactics
prince william bored at villa park
It’s half-time and Prince William is far from impressed about the 0-0 scoreline. On instructions from his future king, the royal aide gets Lambert’s attention and issues him a royal warning to sort it out in the second half.
prince william visits aston villa park
The Prince tries to raise the spirits of Villa Park in the second half by belting out his favourite Villa song – “Sylla! Sylla! Sylla! He loves the f**king Villa!”
prince william villa park
Villa fail to respond to his support, and after giving Benteke some stick, Prince William turns on the Villa manager, shouting ‘Lambert Out!’
prince william aston villa
As the full whistle goes after a lacklustre 90 minutes that ends 0-0, Prince William leads the boo-boys. Before telling his aide, ‘Thank f**k we didn’t bring George to this shower of sh**e, or he’d probably already be supporting Chelsea by now.”
prince william aston villa
Wanting to be first at the bar in the Witton Arms for a swift post-match pint or two, Prince William beats a swift retreat. When his aide asks him about fulfilling their appointment of going to the Villa changing rooms to meet the players, the Prince is overheard replying, “F**k that. The wife’s away, lets not waste valuable drinking time!”

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