Exposed – Prince William’s Aston Villa Influence is Growing

How Aston Villa are increasingly under the control of Prince William

prince william aston villa
Hey, that top looks familiar…

Football clubs have increasingly become the play things of rich Russian oligarchs and Arabian oil barons. Mere hobbies for the mega rich to stem off the suffering of paradise syndrome. The influx of their money into the game though has left many supporters feeling cold. It’s stripped the soulless modern game of its integrity and tradition; while players earn scandalous wages, and money and brands are the order of the day, supporters are very much second class citizens in the game.

While most Villa supporters perceive Villa owner, American billionaire Randolph Lerner, as a decent chap, they’ve also always considered that only true Kings are fit enough to run a club like Aston Villa Football Club.

It’s been known for a few years that the future King of England Prince William is indeed an Aston Villa supporter, but how thick is his claret and blue blood?

Surely if he’s serious about Villa, when he comes to power, he should be able to exert some influence – get tax payers to pay for Villa Park to be redeveloped into a 120,000-seater national stadium (and demolish Wembley) and also get the treasury to stump up for Villa’s yearly transfer budget. That sort of thing. It’s a bit old school, but maybe even behead managers who’s teams beat Villa – that would provide an instant fix to our problem keeping clean sheets.

Does Willy take Villa seriously enough to maybe do stuff like this when he is king? Apparently so…

An ominous royal aide informed MOMS  that Prince William himself ordered the design of Villa’s new away kit to be modeled on his polo shirt.

prince william aston villa fan

prince william aston villa
All Andi Weimann needs now is a horse and a stick

“When Prince William takes over as king, part of his responsibility will be the sole running of Aston Villa Football Club,” said the Royal aide. “They will be ‘The King’s team’, so they will now play in the King’s colours and design for away matches.”

The aide also expressed Prince William’s anger at last year’s effort of Villa’s away kit.

“Quite frankly, his royal highness was disgusted. Glow-in-the-dark lime green is most certainly NOT a colour of royalty!”

Whether Randy Lerner will lose his head over allowing the 2012/2013 away shirt to happen, when Prince William becomes king, remains to be seen. UTV

*A Venglos View is a satirical (and sometimes surreal) look at Villa. 

Thanks to @vizzy9 on Twitter, as his screen-grab pic of the Prince’s polo shirt, inspired the above nonsense!

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