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Benteke Files

My Old Man Said articles on Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke

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Christian Benteke Alternatives for Lambert to Refire Villa’s Attack

With the heartbreaking news that Christian Benteke will be on the sidelines for up to eight months, you can’t help but feel sorry for...
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The Pros and Cons of the Christian Benteke Injury to Aston Villa

 The pros and cons of the Christian Benteke injury  When the Christian Benteke injury news broke, at first it felt like a belated April's Fools....

The Weird Way the Christian Benteke Injury News Broke

 Christian Benteke Injury News Limbo  It must have been a weird position to be in for a journalist attending the pre-match press conference for the...
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Shocker! Christian Benteke’s Mega Miss For Belgium aka ‘Life After the Bicycle Kick’

What a miss!!!  Christian Benteke was the talk of Villa Park on Sunday after his match-winning brace, that included a beauty of a bicycle kick,...

How Much is an Aston Villa Goal Worth in Premier League TV Cash?

Warning: This is not science! After a scoreless run of three games by Aston Villa, you'd be forgiven for thinking this article is irrelevant to...

Christian Benteke on His Extra Training to Help Fire Villa to Safety

Christian Benteke admits to a little bit of extra practise Last season Christian Benteke was next to invincible in the second-half of the last season....