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The new ownership dawn at Aston Villa football club sure provides a good time for a new look and hopefully attitude for the club. Towards the end of last season, a new look badge was revealed and now it can be formally integrated into Villa life. Most importantly, it will be first seen on the new Aston Villa Under Armour shirts, the designs of which have been leaked ahead of their official launch this Friday.

When MOMS visited Villa Park this Tuesday evening, further developments with the club’s image were witnessed. The initial stages of the revamp of the ‘Villa Store’ at Villa Park were clearly seen, at least on the external signage.

Passion. Pride. Purpose.

Also, a big clue to the club’s transcendence from the club’s previous motto from Prepared was seen. Instead of a single word beginning with ‘P’, there are now three – Passion. Pride. Purpose.

Certainly the word ‘pride’ had previously been a bit of a missed opportunity considering Villa’s lion mascot. ‘Passion’, that’s probably the most over-used word in the game, although certainly Villa players need reminding what they need to show Villa supporters. As for ‘purpose’…well, it’s about time we had one!


Passion, pride, purpose. The revamped Villa store taking shape. (28/6/16) #avfc #utv #villapark #villastore

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The ‘Passion. Pride. Purpose’ decorating the front of the Villa Store also further rubber stamps the authenticity of the below leaked images of the new home and away Aston Villa Under Armour shirts. You’ll notice that the three P’s are all in the inner collar of the shirt.

The club’s own social media sneaks of the home kit button and the away shirt sky blue and white colour scheme and detail, match the pictures and further cement their authenticity.

Aston Villa Under Armour Home Shirt


aston villa under armour home


Unlike some shirt manufacturers, who have used a variation on a theme for shirts of different teams in their stable, the Villa shirts are totally unrelated in design to Tottenham Hotspur’s Under Armour shirts. Spurs are currently Under Armour’s main English club, but that’s set to change with Spurs reported to be heading Nike’s way next season. Who knows, if Villa can get instant promotion, they could be the main Under Armour team.

Under Armour’s home shirt is a pretty clean cut claret and blue number. The only features that will provoke any real spectrum of reaction from supporters will no doubt be the buttons and collar.

It will be interesting to see if Under Armour have included any nice attention to detail. Despite having their critics for the quality of their shirts, the previous manufacturers, Macron, at least had an inventive approach to the ‘hidden details’ of their shirts.


Aston Villa Under Armour Away Shirt


aston villa under armour away shirt


The new Aston Villa Under Armour away shirt offers up some similarity to the 1997-1998 season Reebok Villa away shirt, with the white base colour and sky blue upper chest.

The only criticism is perhaps the sponsor’s logo is not ideal in terms of complementing the shirt’s design. Would it look better if the shirt sponsor was in claret instead of black? Maybe.

For those of you who want a sign of hope for the forthcoming season, the sky blue and white colour palette was used for the Villa away kit Hummel produced for the season when Villa last got promoted in 1987-88. Same again, please.

Better Value Option

£50 for a new shirt will understandably seem too steep for a lot of people. It’s only in the past two decades or so, with the increased commercialisation of football, that fans have tended to buy the new replica shirt every season. Lets hope Under Armour at least bring a feel of quality to the table with their new shirts.

Of course, there’s always the smart alternative of getting yourself a classic shirt at a fraction of the cost, for the new season. Click on the pic below to see what Classic Football Shirts have got in stock and don’t forget to use code MOMS10 to get 10% off on us.



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  1. Its actually much more like the 97-98 away.

    Either way, they’ve hardly rocked the boat, have they ?
    Anything better than Crapron though.

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