Aston Villa Star Players of the Week After Lambert Sets Another Record

For 64 minutes it was probably the best performance the Villa has put in this season. It was over an hour of creative, high tempo football. The lads in claret and blue dominated and created a number of good chances. It was nice for the heart to be racing because of Villa’s attacking play rather than desperate defending.

If it wasn’t for Neil Swarbrick, who clearly has family in the North London area, the game would have been a lot different. There can be no complaints about the red card, putting your hands on someone’s face in the modern game is a cardinal sin, even if Lambert’s daughter can punch harder. The fact that Mason or Chadli did not get sent off or even booked for their roles in the incident was a disgrace.

While it was the standard reaction to someone shoving their head in your face, Benteke ultimately let the team down with his actions. There were signs during the game that he was getting back to the old beast he once was as he gave Kaboul a torrid game throughout. He will be missing from the side for the next three games, which have become even more important now the team have suffered their sixth straight loss.

Following the sending off it has to be said that Villa seemed to lose their heads somewhat. The likes of Weimann were getting booked for dissent and silly things, which didn’t help the team in any way and if anything was encouraging the referee to give decisions against us.

A positive to come from the game was the fight shown from the team. People always say that you see who the men are in your team when everything is going against you. It is safe to say that nearly every player stood up to be counted against Spurs and the referee, and no one went into hiding. This is a good indication that the players are still fighting for the cause and are still playing for the manager.

Stat of the Week – The Villa have lost six games on the bounce for the first time since 1967 (the year they were relegated to the old second division)

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  1. If the players are still playing for the manager and getting these results, god help us, and I’m not religious.

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