Aston Villa Lose Three Saturday 3pm Early Season Fixtures

TV Changes

It didn’t take long for Sky TV’s Premier League fixture swap-a-roo to kick in and see three of Villa’s 3pm Saturday fixtures in the opening two months change date.

Two will be shifted to join Villa’s opener at Spurs for live broadcast on Sky TV. The Sky cameras will first come to Villa Park on the Friday night of 23rd August for the visit of Everton, with the game kicking off at 8pm.

The following month, Villa Park will see Monday night football in the fixture against West Ham, now on the 16th September at 8pm.

Three of Villa’s opening five Premier League clashes will now be screened on Sky TV.

Further Change

The visit to Arsenal that follows the Hammers game, has been pushed back to Sunday, 22nd September at 4.30pm, due to the North London side’s Europa League commitments.

The My Old Man Said website now has an easy access updated Aston Villa fixture list that is accessible from the ‘FAN INFO’ option on the main menu of the website.

Further thoughts on Villa’s fixture list

Aston Villa Premier League fixtures 2019/20


10: 5.30pm Tottenham Hotspur (a) – SKY TV

17: 3pm Bournemouth (h)

23: 8pm Everton (h) – SKY TV

31: 3pm Crystal Palace (a)


16: 8pm West Ham United (h) – SKY TV

22: 4.30pm Arsenal (a)

28 3pm Burnley (h)


5: 3pm Norwich City (a)

19: 3pm Brighton (h)

26: 3pm Manchester City (a)


2: 3pm Liverpool (h)

9: 3pm Wolves (a)

23: 3pm Newcastle United (h)

30: 3pm Manchester United (a)


4: 7.45pm Chelsea (a)

7: 3pm Leicester City (h)

14: 3pm Sheffield United (a)

21: 3pm Southampton (h)

26: 3pm Norwich City (h)

28: 3pm Watford (a)


1: 3pm Burnley (a)

11: 3pm Manchester City (h)

18: 3pm Brighton (a)

21: 7.45pm Watford (h)


1: 3pm Bournemouth (a)

8: 3pm Tottenham Hotspur (h)

22: 3pm Southampton (a)

29: 3pm Sheffield United (h)


7: 3pm Leicester City (a)

14: 3pm Chelsea (h)

21: 3pm Newcastle United (a)


4: 3pm Wolves (h)

11: 3pm Liverpool (a)

18: 3pm Manchester United (h)

25: 3pm Crystal Palace (h)


2: 3pm Everton (a)

9: 3pm Arsenal (h)

17: 3pm West Ham United (a)


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