Thoughts on Aston Villa’s Premier League Fixture List 2019/20

Aston Villa 2019/20 Fixtures


So it will be Tottenham Hotspur that will have the honour of welcoming Aston Villa back into the Premier League. It’s the very least they deserve as a reward for reaching the Champions League final.

After Villa missed out on playing on the opening weekend of last season in the Championship, having to play Hull City on a Monday night for TV purposes, they now begin life in the Premier League in a more orderly fashion. Well, almost.

Villa’s first game will see them kick-off on the opening Saturday at the White Hart Lane in front of the Sky Sports cameras, but at 17.30. For once though, it’s a TV fixture change that perhaps will benefit Villa’s travelling fans, allowing them extra hours to soak up what hopefully will be a lovely summer’s day in the capital.

Despite Villa’s three-year absence from the Premier League, the timing of their return will allow Villa supporters to sample the new White Hart Lane before the away fans of most other established Premier League teams.

The stadium only opened last season on the 3rd of April, when Spurs hosted Crystal Palace. Since, they have only hosted Everton, Huddersfield, West Ham and Brighton fans for Premier League games.

In many ways, it’s the perfect opener for Villa, playing in a shiny new stadium against a team that wouldn’t have got into a groove yet and maybe still suffering a Champions League hangover.

Home Comforts

Villa also have trips to Arsenal and Manchester City in the opening three months, but their early home line-up sees them with opportunities to collect some early points to build a platform to build confidence from.

The first Villa Park fixture is against Bournemouth, followed by Everton, West Ham, Burnley and Brighton, before the tougher test of European Champions Liverpool arrive at Villa Park on November 2nd (before it gets changed for TV!).

All things considered, there’s a decent balance for Villa across the season in terms of the difficulty level of their fixtures and even the usual nightmare Christmas period looks inviting this coming season.

Villa play Sheffield United, Southampton, Norwich, Watford and Burnley, between December 14th and January 1st. Didn’t we play bigger teams in the Championship?

Even though the club have got a fair bit of squad building to go, after the Fan Consultation Group meeting with Villa CEO Christian Purslow this week, looking at the 2019/20 fixture list, MOMS certainly feels less daunted about the season ahead.


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Aston Villa Premier League fixtures 2019/20


10: 5.30pm Tottenham Hotspur (a)

17: 3pm Bournemouth (h)

24: 3pm Everton (h)

31: 3pm Crystal Palace (a)


14: 3pm West Ham United (h)

21: 3pm Arsenal (a)

28 3pm Burnley (h)


5: 3pm Norwich City (a)

19: 3pm Brighton (h)

26: 3pm Manchester City (a)


2: 3pm Liverpool (h)

9: 3pm Wolves (a)

23: 3pm Newcastle United (h)

30: 3pm Manchester United (a)


4: 7.45pm Chelsea (a)

7: 3pm Leicester City (h)

14: 3pm Sheffield United (a)

21: 3pm Southampton (h)

26: 3pm Norwich City (h)

28: 3pm Watford (a)


1: 3pm Burnley (a)

11: 3pm Manchester City (h)

18: 3pm Brighton (a)

21: 7.45pm Watford (h)


1: 3pm Bournemouth (a)

8: 3pm Tottenham Hotspur (h)

22: 3pm Southampton (a)

29: 3pm Sheffield United (h)


7: 3pm Leicester City (a)

14: 3pm Chelsea (h)

21: 3pm Newcastle United (a)


4: 3pm Wolves (h)

11: 3pm Liverpool (a)

18: 3pm Manchester United (h)

25: 3pm Crystal Palace (h)


2: 3pm Everton (a)

9: 3pm Arsenal (h)

17: 3pm West Ham United (a)


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