Aston Villa Chairman Steve Hollis Pens Open Letter to Supporters

Aston Villa Chairman Steve Hollis's Open Letter

It’s no secret that the main mission of new Aston Villa chairman Steve Hollis was one of trouble shooting. There are so many things wrong with the club that to list them now would go into digression that I probably wouldn’t be able to get back on track from. Suffice to say, one big issue with an absent owner was poor communication and public direction from the top of the club.

With this in mind, it is good to see the Villa chairman within 24 hours of the club finally having their relegation confirmed, issuing the following letter to Villa supporters.

Aston Villa Chairman Steve Hollis’s Open Letter


Dear Supporters

First, on behalf of the Board, let me express my deep regret that I find myself writing this open letter to you, knowing just how much hurt and pain, anger and anguish will have been felt by you all after the Club lost its Premier League status this weekend.

Your profound sadness is shared by everyone connected with the Club and while I know that will be of little consolation in the days ahead, it should be a source of reassurance as we rebuild the foundations for future successes.

We must acknowledge that this weekend’s confirmation has been the culmination of an unacceptably fractured season both on and off the pitch. That isn’t down to bad luck. To make such a claim would be insulting to each and every one of you. I must add you have all displayed unyielding commitment in adversity.

While it is of little solace at present, the process of identifying the root causes of our circumstances started long ago and the focus now has to be looking forward and making sure lessons have been learnt.

The search for a new manager to provide drive, direction and immediate promotion has commenced.

Together, we share the same goal. We intend to restore Aston Villa Football Club to its rightful place. It is a journey we must make together so we can bring success, enjoyment and exciting football back to Villa Park once more.

Steve Hollis

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  1. Aston Villa as a company is not fit for purpose. Randy Lerner is not fit for purpose to run a football team.
    The football league should now run an investigation into what is going on at Aston Villa FC LTD.

  2. With Bernstein and King resigning I wonder what is going on at Aston Villa LTD. Just when this open letter was meant to bring a line across the implosion of total inexplicable poor management and structure we now have more instability. It is clear that whatever has caused the latest resignations that something is seriously wrong in wanting to bring Aston Villa to a place of certainty in return. I do not know what is going to be revealed next. I have yet to wait for any good news for Villa Fans for so long, it just leaves bewilderment on the conduct of the owner. If there was ever a chance of a huge football team collapsing to extinction then I hope it isn’t this one. A death by a thousand cuts is one thing but when will it end, how many cuts does AVFC have to endure ?. Answers are required to Villa fans pretty quick, or forget selling season tickets.

    • It is Lerner. Read King’s letter of resignation, he spells it out why he left. Much better than the drivel from Hollis, am first to admit I didn’t want King. But his resignation letter changed my opinion of him somewhat. King at least also recognizes that a BUDGET is needed to start with and came across as a fan. He’s still partially responsible for the global financial crisis though, can’t change that.

  3. The club have got to get rid of these bullshitters and bring footballing people back to the club.Nigel Pearson where are you?????

  4. This club have GOT to get rid of these bullshitters and get footballing people back to the club. Nigel Pearson where are you????

  5. Written by the new director of communication, note the use of WE when talking about the acknowledging the unacceptable season, share the blame. Also us in the business world will understand the use of the word “journey”, usually used by people who aren’t delivering. Finally the pain is all ours…
    Oh, and all Villa can do is search for a new manager. Can’t offer a contract as they don’t know what they can pay, as I read the budget for next year isn’t approved yet. Clowns.

  6. I’m sorry I don’t buy this line .
    Villa were not dead and buried in the championship when ‘the undertaker’ (Steve Hollis ) came in .
    Villa had a similar points total at the same time this year as Leicester had last year .
    The difference is that the undertaker ( Hollis ) came in like a rabbit in the headlights ,reverted to his corporate accountancy mantra and did nothing until he had found the right solution which for an accountant is always to cut costs . When what he should have been doing is focusing all his efforts on how to keep Villa in the premier league which would have been to either back the manager Guarde with new players or get a new manager in who knew what he was doing (Pearson was available then )
    Those of you from the business world will understand the term restructuring and what it means – it means cutting costs . That’s why Learner put the undertaker in charge – no new manager – no new players – no drive or enthusiasm – but lots of cost cutting – and that’s all under Hollis .
    Time to get real .

    • Yep.. agree. Will add he immediately brought in outside consultants and that money might have been the player budget.

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